I have had a lot of cupcakes in my day and Cupcake DownSouth makes the best ones I've ever had by far. Their frosting to cupcake ratio is perfect for those of you who get cupcakes solely for the frosting. If you're one of those weirdos who likes the cake part better than the frosting, find a friend who likes frosting so all that deliciousness doesn't go to waste.

A couple days ago was National Cupcake Day and I am heartbroken that I was not in Charleston to get the amazing deal Cupcake was offering. In honor of me missing this deal, I am reflecting on all of the flavors I missed out on. After reading this article, you will understand how much I missed out (insert single tear). 

1. Black and White

marshmallow, cream, buttercream, chocolate, cupcake
Elise DeVoe

I know what you're thinking: "This is such a simple flavor, how could it possibly crack the top 10?" Well, you don't have to have crazy flavor combinations to make a damn good cupcake. Their vanilla buttercream has real vanilla bean in it (classy af) and their chocolate cake is not too sweet, so it balances out perfectly. I could probably write a whole article about how perfect this one cupcake is, but I will spare you my rant.

2. Milk and Cookies

It's hard to resist something as nostalgic as milk and cookies in cupcake form. The frosting of this cupcake will remind you of that perfectly creamy and sweet filling of an Oreo and the crushed up cookies on top give you that crunch you're looking for. Who knew Oreos could possibly be made even better?

3. Bourbon Pecan Pie

Cupcake steps up their game even more with their "After Dark" cupcake collection. Their booze-infused cupcakes definitely appeal to the bar patrons on King Street. This flavor combination is a southern classic, so it is basically Charleston in a cupcake.

4. French Toast

Cupcakes for breakfast everyone! Dreams do come true after all. Cupcake does a great job of putting all of the familiar flavors of french toast into this cupcake. As pictured above, this cupcake goes great with a cup of coffee. 

5. Death by Chocolate

I think we can all agree that death by chocolate is probably the best way to go. This cupcake is basically a cheaper form of therapy for my fellow chocoholics out there. 

6. Southern Red Velvet

You can't have a name like Cupcake DownSouth without having a classic southern red velvet cupcake. Their red velvet cupcake is so good that they decided it should also be enjoyed in coffee form. Pure genius. 

7. Chocolate Caramel Moonshine

Chocolate Caramel Moonshine is another cupcake in the "After Dark" collection. This cupcake will give you the same big ol' punch in the mouth that moonshine does, but in a much more pleasant fashion. The moonshine taste is there, but luckily it is subtle and will not put you out of commission for the day.

8. Blueberry Cobbler

I mean, just looking at this picture makes me want to dive into one of these cupcakes. This cupcake features the best part of blueberry cobbler (in my opinion) which is that crunchy streusel topping. If your favorite part is the blueberries, no need to worry because they pack blueberries into both the cake and the frosting. 

9. White Chocolate Raspberry

I am usually not a fruity dessert kind of gal, but this cupcake made me ponder my life choices in that area. You can actually taste the tartness of the raspberry, which is hard to capture in cupcake form. The people at Cupcake know what they're doing when it comes to flavor folks.

10. Mint to Be

Freshening my breath and getting to eat a cupcake all in one? Sign me up! If you're on a first date with your Tinder prospect and you're tryna keep that breath nice and fresh, definitely go for this cupcake.