Finding a good location for your Tinder date isn’t easy. You technically don’t know this person, so you don’t want to go somewhere secluded and quiet at risk of it being incredibly awkward.

You also don’t want to go somewhere too expensive, because we’re all college students and can barely afford to feed ourselves. This list should assist you in effortlessly taking your Tinder match to the next level in real life.

1. Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer


Photo by Kristen Kornbluth

First up is Kudu. If you’ve been there, you know exactly why — the inside is cute and cozy with some hipster vibes, and the outside courtyard is fantastic for a date on a nice day. They have some bangin’ food from local bakeries (the chocolate croissant is noteworthy) and great local coffee, of course.

There’s no Wi-Fi here, so you’ll have no choice but to talk to your date that you just met the whole time. That could be good or bad, depending on your situation. Here’s hoping for good.

#SpoonTip: Share a hot chocolate with your date. It’s seriously one of the best in Charleston.

2. King Street Cookies

King Street Cookies

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Super close to campus — and cheap? Perfect date spot. There are over 30 flavors (and some vegan options), so you and your date will definitely find a cookie that appeals to you. Get the spicy hot chocolate cookie if you’re looking to ~~~heat things up~~~.

3. Monza


Photo by Ashley Turner

Monza serves some solid Italian food in a rustic looking space. They also have a back patio, which has 2-person tables and some nice strings of lights (#romantic). If your date ends up going well, you could probably order some spaghetti and recreate that scene from Lady and The Tramp.

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4. CO


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This one’s for those of you who are willing to spend a bit more on your Tinder date. With a wide selection of Pan-Asian food (specifically Vietnamese), including bahn mi, broth noodles, and noodle dishes, CO is a power play for when you’re really trying to make moves on your Tinder match.

Also, they have infused sake, which seems like a fun and delicious date idea.

5. Persimmon Cafe


Photo by Kristen Kornbluth

This isn’t breaking news, but the CofC Spoon team loves Persimmon. Grabbing a quick lunch with your Tinder bae at this laundromat-cafe hybrid would always be a move that’s #spoonapproved.

Also, on one Thursday each month, they do a date night special — 2 sandwiches, 2 sides, 2 drinks, and a custard to share, all for $20. You really can’t pass that one up. I’m sure many people have fallen in love over a Persimmon custard, so it wouldn’t hurt to test that theory.

6. Tattooed Moose

Tattooed Moose

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This one’s a bike ride or a drive away (it’s on N. Morrison St.), but it’s definitely worth the trek. Tattooed Moose has a dive/biker bar environment with a great selection of sandwiches, bar food, and craft beers, so it’ll set the tone for a casual, laid-back first date.

Word on the street is this place has amazing buffalo wings, and how could you ever go wrong with wings (okay, they are kinda messy, but whatever) and beer?

7. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


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If you want to take your bae to get something sweet, but you want to shake it up a little bit, Jeni’s is the place to go. With unique and ever-changing flavors, like Bourbon Salted Pecan and Sweet Corn Spoon Bread, this place is the best way to elevate your dessert game to the next level. It’s probably how you’ll lock down that second date as well.