There are three reasons why people love Costco: 1) the bulk items of snacks, food, and other general goods, 2) free samples and 3) the food court. Costco is the place to buy everything you need and be able to save money. Everyone knows that Costco has an amazing food court, with its fast food, like hot dogs, pizza slices and ice cream, which are all sold at an extremely cheap price. Now, Costco has shaken things up by replacing some food items with new, healthier options.     

Costco's Acai Bowl

Price: $4.99

It's no surprise that Costco now serves Acai bowls, since it has been a recent food trend. This Costco Acai bowl, according to the menu description, is made of Acai and Baobab, which are both antioxidant-rich fruits. The bowls also have 9 grams of fiber, and no artificial colors or flavors. 

Similar to Costco's other food items, the Acai bowl is served at a good portion for a low price of $4.99. It's topped with granola, strawberry slices, and blueberries. I found it to be a bit too sour, but it's definitely worth it as a dessert, when Acai bowls usually go for more than ten dollars

Al Pastor Salad 

Price: $4.99 

Usually, the only salad that Costco's food court had was the Caesar Salad. Now, the food court offers the Al Pastor Salad to add another vegetarian dish on their menu. It's made of plant-based protein (soy), romaine lettuce, black beans, and banh mi vegetables and dressing. I think it's a good choice for vegetarians or for those who want salads and want to take a break from eating meat.

Final Thoughts 

There's an obvious pattern here as Costco is trying to switch their food court options to healthier food items with its Acai bowl and Al Pastor Salad. Costco has always had tasty fast food at a cheap price, and it's a great thing to offer more healthy and plant-based options. Keep up the good work, Costco.