Ok y’all. I know açaí bowls are pretty much the trendiest summer food that ever existed, but I don’t like them. Made with fresh fruits and other super-healthy ingredients, açaí bowls are refreshing and usually delicious. The trend is understandable, but also confusing. What about açaí bowls prevents them from being called smoothies in a bowl?

Think about it. They’re made in a blender with fruits and veggies and other ingredients, and poured into a bowl. Don’t let the toppings deceive you – what lies underneath could have easily been poured into a cup and sucked up through a straw.

Photo courtesy of beyonce.com

It doesn’t help that I’ve never finished an açaí bowl and not been ravenously searching for three cheeseburgers, a combo meal from Popeye’s, and a pound of sweet potato fries 20 minutes later.

Not only have açaí bowls failed to fill me up, but I find them to be really expensive, especially when I measure the costs against solid foods I can order at my favorite restaurants. Maybe it’s just a college student mindset, but every time I buy something that costs over $10, I think of all the important things I could have bought with that money, like Chipotle or lipstick. Or I could have just saved it.

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So, what makes açaí bowls so popular? They’re definitely beautiful. And, if they’re not too sour, they taste good. Also, they look amazing on Instagram. I just searched for #acaibowl and I had some feelings. However, these bowls of blended superfoods are too expensive for me to just want to eat again very soon after finishing one of them, which has kept me from jumping on the açaí bowl trend.

All in all, I’m not here to tell you what to eat, and I won’t judge you based on your diet. If you love açaí bowls, keep loving them. Live your life. Enjoy yourself. If you post about them on Instagram, I’ll definitely like the pic. I’m just over this food trend.