I’ve eaten at the Costco food court since I was a little girl. My mom invented the idea of having an afternoon snack under the red and white Kirkland umbrellas when my older brother was in kindergarten (like, 17 years ago). Since then, I’ve had in hundreds of churros and slices of pizza from the Costco food court menu. 

Now that I’m older I’ve started to pay closer attention to what I'm eating and how many calories food has, and let’s just say I was shocked when I looked into it for Costco’s food court. I’ve ranked all of their food court items (menus may vary by state) by calorie content, crowning the winner of most calories at No. 1.

15. Berry Smoothie: 290 Calories

chocolate, cherry, smoothie, strawberry, berry, cream, ice
Photo courtesy of @costco on Instagram

14. Mocha Freeze: 320 Calories

sweet, cream, milk, coffee, chocolate
Photo courtesy of @jessicahformosa on Instagram

13. Very Berry Sundae: 430-480 Calories

cream, ice cream, ice
Photo courtesy of @sayjenelle on Instagram

12. Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt: 410 Calories

chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream, yogurt, milk, ice, cream
Photo courtesy of Jose G.

11. Swirl Non-Fat Yogurt: 430 Calories

milk, sundae, chocolate, ice cream, cream, ice
Photo by Dorothy Ballowe

10. Chocolate Non-Fat Yogurt:  450 Calories

coffee, milk, cream, chocolate, ice cream, ice
Photo courtesy of @milkyd0ll on Instagram

9. California Churro: 470 Calories

pizza, bacon
Photo by Dorothy Ballowe

8. All Beef Hot Dog or Polish: 540-970 Calories

bratwurst, sandwich, hot dog bun, meat, ketchup, hot dog, bread, sausage, bun, mustard
Photo courtesy of @peetahkoo on Instagram

7. BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich: 610 Calories

bun, brisket, coleslaw, slaw, sandwich, pork
Photo courtesy of @charmiesyn on Instagram

6. Chicken Caesar Salad: 670 Calories

lettuce, vegetable, cheese, chicken, salad
Photo courtesy of @danthetech on Instagram

5. Combo Slice: 680 Calories

crust, vegetable, pepperoni, meat, sauce, tomato, cheese, pizza
Photo by Dorothy Ballowe

4. Cheese Slice: 700 Calories

mozzarella, tomato, meat, cheese, crust, pepperoni, sauce, pizza
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3. Pepperoni Slice: 710 Calories

mozzarella, sauce, cheese, dough, salami, crust, pepperoni, pizza
Photo courtesy of @happytheory338 on Instagram

2. Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich: 730 Calories

bacon, cheese
Photo courtesy of Becky C.

1. Chicken Bake: 770 Calories

sweet, meat
Photo courtesy of Dan Edwards

And there you have it. The monster Chicken Bake takes the crown at a whopping 770 calories.

Of course, I wouldn't let this deter you from trying any of these delicious eats at the Costco food court. It's good to be conscious about what you're eating, even if it is pizza and churros.