Valentine's Day can be pretty overwhelming. Having to plan the most elaborate date night, buying excessive gifts, and trying not to cry when you look at your bank account the next day is exhausting. Have no fear though, the ultimate guide to cheap Valentine's dates in College Station is here to save you from the heartbreak you shouldn't have on such a heart-warming day.

Puppy Station

Puppy Station, located in the Post Oak Mall, is the prime spot for pooches and smooches. For only 25 cents, you get to cuddle with the cutest puppies and rack up some bonus points with your girl for taking her there. If you play your cards right, the pups aren't the only ones who will be getting cuddles and kisses. 

Cinemark Movies 18

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At Cinemark Movies 18 and XD, Texas A&M Students can show a valid Student ID and get a special discount on movie tickets. For a little over $10, you can purchase 2 movie tickets and a bucket of popcorn to share. If $10 is too pricey and you're hella cheap, get some foods you can sneak in

Celebrate at Home

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Some couples would rather spend Valentine's Day in the comfort of their own home. A super simple stay-at-home date could entail cooking a homemade meal, renting $1 Redbox movies, and enjoying the company of each other. Make your bae say "What's cookin, good lookin?" by choosing a one pan dinner that is guaranteed to impress.

Fazoli's Trio Tuesday

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Every Tuesday, the College Station Fazoli's has 'Trio Tuesday' featuring spaghetti with meat sauce, fettuccine Alfredo, and a slice of pizza ALL for just $2.99 (there's also unlimited breadsticks). Luckily for you, this Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday. So, cancel the fancy Italian restaurant reservations and carbe diem at Fazoli's. Maybe you can even recreate the famous Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene. Seductive, scrumptious, and oh so reasonable.

Spirit Ice Arena

The month of February at Spirit Ice Arena, is the 'Month of Romance.' Every Thursday night from 8-10pm, admission is 2 for the price of 1 for all couples. This means, if you come with a valid student ID, you and your S/O will get in for $15 total. (Yes that includes skate rentals too.) 

Another added bonus of "Date Night, Skate Night," is free hot cocoa and flowers to the first 30 couples, which would make an inexpensive "feel better" gift for when one of you wipes out on the ice.  

Picnic at Lake Bryan

Take a trip out to Lake Bryan, TX for a relaxing get-away with your boo. Not only is this literally the cheapest date, but also most romantic and most memorable. A blanket, some snacks and a few pillows are all you need for this one. Drop down your tailgates, put on some slow jams, and watch the beautiful sunset right over the lake. Spending quality alone time together is worth so much.


42 at the Dixie Chicken

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If you're feel sad, numb, or not yourself, you could be experiencing the heartbreak of being single on Valentine's Day—or it could just be the result of downing too many half price drinks on Northgate. There is no shame in being single and let Valentine's Day be a time to embrace it! Call up your squad and go party the night away because when the clock strikes 12, Valentine's Day will be over. 

As Valentine's Day approaches, stand firm when your S/O's date ideas are crazy expensive. Just remember—jewelry will go out of style and teddy bears will become a dog chew toy, but the memories made and money saved, you will love forever.