Valentine's Day is approaching and you're either very excited or you have a hot date with your couch. If you're in the second situation, these food puns can help you out. They say the way to people's heart is through the stomach, but with these food pick-up lines you don't even have to cook anything. You just have to slide into your Valentine prospect's DMs equipped with these food puns and maybe some emojis to send the message home.

Some of these might be too cheesy for some (it's starting), but I'm sure whoever you send them to will be impressed with your food pun skills. Don't worry, Spoon has your back this Valentine's Day.

1. I know you want a pizza dis.

This line would probably be most appropriate on Tinder or another site where you can get away with saying somewhat scandalous things. Pizza has gotten you this far in life, so let it help you score a Valentine too. 

2. I avocadon't want to live without you.

This one is a little more sappy, but your Valentine will still appreciate it. Finding a suitable Valentine is almost as hard as finding the perfect avocado at the grocery store, so I figured it was appropriate to give avocados a shout out.

3. You're my butter half.

This pick up line would definitely work on Paula Deen, but it will also work on your Valentine. Butter only makes things better, so put your trust in it this Valentine's Day

4. Yo-gurt, you up?

The "you up?" text is a classic to the point where it is basically a joke. If you're lucky, your sparkling sense of humor and ironic use of the "you up" text will land you a Valentine on that late night.

5. Do you have plans this Valentine's Day? 'Cause I have naan.

I guess this could end up being ambiguous. Either your Valentine will tell you they want to hang out or they think you're solely offering them your extra naan. The latter is ridiculous because who doesn't finish all their naan?

6. Why should you go out with me? I say wine not.

Just the mention of wine is enough to score a Valentine instantly. It's hard to pass up the possibility of wine on any day of the year.

7. I'm ready for a serious relation-chip.

It can be hard to get this phrase out of your significant other, but if you lighten it up with food puns you just might be able to get them to say it back. 

8. You tryna pho?

This one only works if the person knows the actual pronunciation of the word pho. If they do know how to pronounce it, it could result in either a virtual slap in the face or they could applaud your creativity.

9. You're my bae-gel.

Everyone loves being called bae and everyone loves bagels, so this one is pretty surefire. 

10. I love you from my head to-ma-toes.

I don't even like tomatoes and this line would get me every time.

11. I think about you olive the time.

Olives aren't the most romantic food, but maybe this phrase can give them some redeeming qualities.