It’s that time of year again, guys. February. When I recall this month, all I seem to think of is pink, heart-shaped chocolates and slushy weather. In D.C., February is cold and wet. Sounds like the recipe for a perfect date night, huh? But even during this dreadful month-of-love, Georgetown is one of the most beautiful and romantic neighborhoods in the country.

Georgetown’s student body is not exactly known to have a prominent “dating culture.” That being said, the people off-campus seem to really have their sh*t together. I mean, come on, running together by the Potomac? Strolling along M Street hand-in-hand? These are things I witness on a daily basis. I know there are a handful of cute Georgetown couples that do this stuff too, and even though this relationship, sappy, love talk just reminds me of how single I am, I am a romantic and want Georgetown couples to make it. That’s why I am offering these love-struck puppies a Valentine’s Day guide to the best date spots in the area.

**Before I get started–there is a huge chance I will be attending one of these restaurants with my best friend to celebrate Galentine’s Day. So, single people: read on. Or just make this. Either would suffice.

1. Fun and casual date:

Farmers Fishers Bakers (3000 K Street, Georgetown): This place, that we all know and love, has a very relaxed and friendly vibe. FFB would be a great place for a couple that has only been on two or three dates because it has a very “no pressure” atmosphere. Check out the menu here.

2. New couple date:

Il Canale (1063 31st Street, Georgetown): Il Canale is an awesome Italian restaurant in the heart of Georgetown. It isn’t fancy or anything–you guys will probably end up ordering pizza–so this date is ideal for a couple that has newly begun dating. Although it is a great couples’ spot, it’s still pretty loud in there. So it definitely won’t ever be awkward. Here is the menu.

3. “Next step” date:

Café Bonaparte (1522 Wisconsin Avenue, Georgetown): In my opinion, Café Bonaparte is one of the best date spots in the city. While this place becomes overwhelmingly packed during Saturday and Sunday brunch, this tiny french bistro is extremely calm and romantic for dinner. It’s the perfect place to ask your new flame to make it official. Check out the menu here.

4. Six Month-aversary date:

Unum (2917 M Street, Georgetown): Unum is a new restaurant on M Street. The warm wooden floors and lifted American cuisine will definitely impress your “sig oth,”as Schmidt would say. Plus, it’s new, so your special someone will automatically know you put some effort into choosing a restaurant. Brownie points. Here is the menu.

5. Relationship-on-Facebook serious-ass-date:

La Chaumiere (2813 M Street, Georgetown): This place means business. La Chaumiere is definitely the most expensive spot on my list, but it is also the best rated. This tiny, French hole-in-the-wall may not seem like anything special from the exterior, but inside you will find the most romantic, candle lit experience. Take a peek at the menu here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, fools!