Whether you love or hate long family dinners at home, there comes a time when your parents will kick you out of the house during the long winter break. Although food at home is free, you won't be able to pass up some of these opportunities that you just can't recreate in your own kitchen. 

I've done my research on where you should eat in Boston this break for five very important occasions: a quick brunch, grabbing a burger, a classy dinner, great pizza, and ice cream. I live only 20 minutes outside Boston, so I've tried a variety of restaurants. Lucky for me, I haven't met many restaurants I haven't liked, and I know that you'll feel the same way as soon as you get the chance to eat at these places.

For Brunch: Tatte Bakery and Café

On Charles Street in Beacon Hill (and five other locations), Tatte Bakery and Café is always packed, but it's completely worth it. You won't be able to choose between the millions of baked goods—including tarts, croissants, and cookies—so I'd recommend getting a couple to try. If you want something warm and wintery, get the tomato soup or the shakshuka with sourdough bread. To top it off, they have Christmas cookies that will rival your mom's.

Best Burgers: Boston Burger Company

You'll probably want to order every burger on the menu. There are over 25 options that are so creative I honestly couldn't have imagined myself. There are the Boston-style classics—The Green Monstah, the Pilgrim, and the the Northender—that will all make you wonder why you ever left Boston at all for school.

And all my respect goes to you if you can finish one of their unreal "freak frappes." The winner goes to the frappe with vanilla ice cream and Nutella, topped with toasted marshmallows and a brownie.

For a Classy Meal: Gaslight Brasserie

Come with a group for brunch or dinner if you've built up an appetite and saved some money. The brunch and dinner menus are stacked, and you won't leave unsatisfied if you order the steak frites for dinner along with  the molten chocolate cake for dessert. 10/10 would recommend. A giant, warm meal is the solution to below zero temperatures.

Best Pizza: Coppa

The best Christmas present one can give is obviously pizza, so you might as well eat the very best pizza Boston has to offer. I personally didn't go for the Bone Marrow pizza, but it's an option for the more adventurous eaters. Margherita pizza is basically Christmas colors, so this is the perfect opportunity to be festive.

Best Ice Cream: Gracie's Ice Cream 

They have a toasted fluff cone, so that counts for being wintery enough to eat ice cream in freezing weather. While they offer over 50 flavors, the best seasonal flavor hands down is peppermint stick, and honorable mentions go to Swedish apple pie and brown sugar. Looks like Christmas came early.