Nestled in a cozy shop on Monroe Street stands Bloom Bakeshop, the second of two bakeries owned by Louisiana native and small business mogul Annemarie Maitri. From the moment Bloom's doors open, until they close, expect a lengthy line of customers awaiting their favorite baked goods. 

The Spoon Wisconsin team had the chance to sit down the Annemarie and speak with her about what it means to be a female entrepreneur as well as the importance of using local ingredients and building partnerships with farmers.

Annemarie's Story

The name "Bloom" for the shop originated from one of Annemarie's favorite paintings that read, "bloom where you're planted." She felt this saying would resonate with both men and women, and hoped that it would help other young business owners "bloom" as well.

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Avery Allen

Given the huge success of the first location in downtown Middleton, Annemarie was craving a larger space (bigger than the 600 square foot nook she had to work with before).

With help from Pinterest and an architect, she designed her dream bakery on Monroe Street.  

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Avery Allen

The shop welcomes a variety of customers, from young families stopping by for cupcakes to wedding cake orders. Customer opinions largely drive Annemarie's vision, and her ratings have only continued to positively grow. 


Annemarie introduced us to a wide range of Bloom's menu: everything from Savory Cuban Pop Tarts to donuts, cupcakes, brownies, and cake.

Given her southern roots, Annemarie knew it was imperative to offer a Cuban sandwich, alongside the Homegrown Biscuit.

The Cuban

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Avery Allen

Bloom's Cuban includes slow roasted pork, house-made pickles, and house-made mustard. The pressed pop tart was flakey and added a sweet note to the intensely savory flavor.

Homegrown Biscuit

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Avery Allen

The Homegrown Biscuit is gluten-free and vegan as well, only one out of a series of vegan treats at Bloom. This tender biscuit sandwiched roasted sweet potato, caramelized onion, vegan cheese (give it a try), fresh arugula, and curry aioli in between the 2 sides.

The vegan cheese and arugula balanced out the salty and sharp notes, and the curry aioli was the perfect accompaniment. 

Sweet Options

The Spoon team also tasted an assortment of sweet treats ranging from Hummingbird Bread (carrot cake, but better) to decadent cupcakes.

Part of Bloom's unique character is that half of the bakery case is vegan or gluten-free, perfect for the growing culture surrounding dietary restrictions. 

Hummingbird Bread

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Avery Allen

Hummingbird Bread blends a carrot cake feel with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and coconut. Historically, Hummingbird Bread is a moist, rich, layered spiced cake with pineapple, banana, and coconut. 

Almond Raspberry Cupcake

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Avery Allen

Bloom's cupcakes were dense, moist, and packed with flavor. Our favorite, the almond raspberry cupcake, had a sweet raspberry jam filling that accompanied the cake. The jam is freshly made and locally grown, putting every other raspberry dessert we've ever had to shame.

Looking forward

Bloom not only sells baked goods, coffee, and alcoholic beverages, but they also offer classes for the community. At the classes, attendees can learn about sustainable farming and eating local.

Annemarie sets an incredible example for the kind of businesses Madison needs, with everything from her vision to her dedication to local agriculture. We can't wait to see what Bloom brings to Madison next!