Browsing Pinterest for every aspect of your dream wedding is one of the highlights of today’s technology. If Pinterest alone isn’t enough to amp up your wedding expectations to a glittery, utopian fairytale, TV shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” or “Cake Boss” have you daydreaming for days. You may not have found your significant other yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning what beautiful wedding cake will be the centerpiece of your special day. Not only do you have to decide a flavor, but now you have to decide colors and designs to make sure your guests are blown away by your selection. So let us help you decide which cake suits you best with this quiz:

Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of John Doran Photography

  1. In what season will your wedding take place?

  2. Where do you want your wedding located?

  3. What job does your dream husband/wife have?

  4. What color are the bridesmaids wearing?

  5. Where did the proposal happen?

  6. Where is your dream house located?

  7. After you guys get married you will adopt a pet________.

  8. Be honest, how many pins are on your wedding board?

  9. What's your budget like?

  10. How much did your S.O. help with the wedding planning?