It is a widely-known fact that each grocery store has a reputation. Here at USC, we tend to look down on Superior Grocers, often opting for Fresh & Easy, Ralph’s or even Trader Joe’s in Culver City.

But don’t be too quick to dismiss Superior completely. If you can look past its dingy reputation, this fine little establishment can be an underrated haven for authentic and affordable ethnic ingredients.


Photo by Sarah Joh

3 for a dollar! While they may not be organic or local, Superior has the best prices for nature’s gift to mankind. Stock up now and have avocado toast for days.

Corn Tortillas

Photo by Sarah Joh

The price is unbeatable and the quantity is ideal. One bag of 70 tortillas can easily get you through an entire semester’s worth of late-night quesadilla cravings. Superior stocks Mission brand tortillas, which are commonly sold at Mexican grocery stores. This is the real deal, kids.


Photo by Sarah Joh

Any spice you want, Superior has it conveniently sealed in a tiny bag ready for your consumption. Literally any spice you want. To give you an example of Superior’s range of diverse spices, I once went on a search for eucalyptus leaves commonly rumored to alleviate chest tightness and found them only at Superior. Crazy. (Side note: eucalyptus tea is bitter and gross, but will open up your chest like no other.)

Jambalaya Mix

Photo by Sarah Joh


I have very few words to describe Zatarain’s Jambalaya Mix. Yes, you can find it at Ralph’s but it’s significantly cheaper at Superior. These little boxes of Southern comfort make for quick, easy dinners that can be easily supplemented by tossing additional ingredients into the mix.

Sadaf Products

Photo by Sarah Joh


I saved the best for last because this next ethnic find is actually the greatest thing to happen at Superior ever. Outside of Superior, I have only ever seen Sadaf products at a entirely-Arab small grocer in the Bay Area. Although inconsistently stocked at Superior, Sadaf products will make your life significantly more flavorful through their chicken kabob and tandoori seasoning. They also have packaged red lentils which are inherently better than the green ones you find elsewhere.

Don’t let the reputation deter you from the wonderful little gems Superior has to offer. Happy huntings.