French fries. Delicious pieces of fried potato delicately fried to perfection and served hot. They are the ideal blank slate for any restaurant, and everyone has their own take on what they consider the best french fry. My stomach is full of carbs, and I am satisfied. Here is my list of the best french fries in Wilmington, North Carolina.

P.T.'s Olde Fashioned Grille

Miranda Florkowski

P.T.'s has the fries that every local or college student raves about. They have some of the best fries in Wilmington (hence them making this list). The seasoning is amazing and the fries are fresh cut and fried to perfection. They seriously complete your meal. 

NeMa Eatery & Lounge

Olivia Clifton

NeMa's fries are made with truffle oil and have been rated 10/10 from my fellow spoonies. Their fries are the definition of fancy fries. You can also get cheese fries with or without protein and I suggest to ask for the Today's cheese fries. 

The Copper Penny

Miranda Florkowski

If you are looking for sweet potato fries, Copper Penny is your place. Their sweet potato fries can turn anyone into a fan. But don't let this shy you away from the regular fries, they are just as amazing! 

Poe's Tavern 

Miranda Florkowski

I don't know if it's the magic of Edgar Allan Poe or what, but these fries delicious. If you are craving a burger and fries then you are in luck! All of the burgers (named after Poe's poems) are served with a side of fries. But if you are going for just drinks and appetizers, Poe's offers plain fries, Cheddar fries, Cheddar with Bacon, Green Onions, or Edgar's Drunken Chili & Cheddar fries.

Munchies Food Company

Miranda Florkowski

Munchies made it onto this list due to their variety of options and because they are the perfect midnight snack cure. You can get Pizza fries (featured above), Greek fries, Philly fries, and more! They have one called Munchies Fries in which the fries are topped with mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, bacon, different cheeses, and their special sauce. The restaurant is open until 3 A.M.