It’s another night and another all-nighter. At this point, you have probably been locked in your room for hours working away at that ten page essay thats due tomorrow. Your stomach growls and you know it is time for a snack break. As you reach into your mini fridge, you wonder, “What does my go-to late night snack say about me?”


snack choice

Photo by Libby Perold

You’re not sure why that cold, leftover slice from the weekend looks so appetizing, but you’re also not questioning it. You are a classic college student just trying to live life. You also come prepared to every situation. For example, you thought ahead and saved that slice of pizza because you knew you were bound to eat it for a snack eventually.

Mac ‘n Cheese

snack choice

Photo by Kai Huang

You are nostalgic. This all-nighter has got you reminiscing back on your grade school days when homework only took an hour to complete. The character shapes bring you back to those days and make you wish you never grew up.

Instant Ramen

snack choice

Photo by Caitlin Wolper

You call yourself frugal, but everyone knows you’re just cheap. You also tell people you can cook, but we all know that’s a lie. Microwaving Ramen and mixing in some vegetables that you took from the dining hall does not make you a chef.

Fruit Salad or Veggies With Dip

snack choice

Photo by Danielle Gervais

You act like you have your life together, but you’re really only hanging on by a thread. You’re using your healthy snack to cover up the fact that you haven’t handed in any assignments all semester. Your friends naively look up to you and are inspired by your lifestyle. You’re probably the type of person that falls asleep at yoga.

Ice Cream

snack choice

Photo by Amanda Shulman

You are trying to cope with the fact that you’re not going to get your assignment done in time. Ben and Jerry are your best friends and you vent to them about your problems, and they are getting an earful because, honey, you have a lot. Put down the snack and get to work.


snack choice

Photo by Talia Schaer

You are salty in more ways then one. Assuming you and your roommate don’t get along, you have no problem waking them up with the obnoxious crinkling sound of the bag and loud crunching of your chewing. You are one reckless snacker.


snack choice

Photo by Andrea Kang

You are a master procrastinator and you know how to prioritize. You say you’re going to get right back to work after it is done popping, but you are going to end up watching Netflix. If you’re lucky, you’ll have time to finish your work in the morning. The essay can wait, but your favorite show can’t.