Whether its the lush green color, the earthy aroma, or the benefits it provides for our bodies, matcha has been gaining huge popularity among foodies all around the globe in the past couple years. If you have a major matcha tooth like I do, you might want to check out these matcha spots to get your caffeine and antioxidant fix at once.

1. Lady M Confections

The moment you walk into Lady M Confections, you will be greeted with chic interior and beautiful cakes in the display. This bakery specializes in mille crêpes, which are cakes made from stacked crêpes. While their original flavor is popular for good reason, the matcha version never fails to captivate hearts with each decadent bite, including mine.

2. Crescendo Ice Cream

Crescendo Ice Cream used to be a small pop-up shop that you could only find at food festivals. That is, until the grand opening of their new Montebello location. They sell liquid nitrogen ice cream served with Asian milk bread in different flavors, including Bailey's Irish cream and, of course, matcha.

3. Midori Matcha

Even surrounded by several other Asian bakeries, this Little Tokyo matcha spot can hold its own ground with their selection of matcha items. While the drinks are definitely must-tries, you might also want to listen to your sweet tooth and try their matcha beignets, choux pastries, soft serve ice cream, and danish.

4. Shuhari Matcha Café

A little gem located in the trendiest block in LA, this matcha spot offers a variety of items you can enjoy while strolling down Abbot Kinney, including lattes, sundaes, shakes, and even sparklers. Their matcha kinako black sugar latte is a personal favorite of mine, combining the bittersweet taste of matcha and sugar with the one-of-a-kind quality of soy flour.

5. MatchaBar

This popular, insta-famous Brooklyn matcha spot caused quite a stir when it announced that it will open its first LA location. They offer bottled matcha beverages in different flavors, including honey and fuji apple ginger. You can also buy tins of ceremonial grade matcha to bring home and brew a cup of tea yourself.

While I do recommend trying these matcha spots when you get the chance, sometimes we just want to enjoy matcha from the comfort and familiarity of our home. In that case, these recipes will help you do just that. Try them out and stay glowin'.