It’s that time of the year again. No I’m not talking Christmas or peppermint spiced everything. It’s the time of the year when we have to come back from home, with only the memories of a well deserved hug from your mom and a nice warm meal. As exciting as being back at school is, let me assure you that home has some extra foodie benefits.


Photo by Katherine Carroll

1. The First Meal

Finding food you actually like at school is a bit tricky (although you’ve found a few hacks here or there) You know that first meal that’s cooked for you when you get home. It doesn’t matter if it’s burgers, chicken parm, or pizza from the corner. You know that someone made it special just for you and not for masses of people (bonus points if it is a home cooked meal).


Photo by Katherine Carroll

2. The One Super Random Thing that Only One of Your Parents Can Make Perfectly

You try to reconcile eating the non-parent-made item at school, but every time you’re disappointed until disappointment becomes the norm. Which is why when you go back home and there is freshly made *insert food here* on the table, and you realize that you’ve forgotten what heaven tastes like. You melt in a puddle and promise never to leave again.


Photo by Katherine Carroll

3. That Food from that One Place Down the Street that is Literally to Die For

The neighbor hood bakery’s bread? The doughnuts at the best donut shop no one has ever heard of (best kept secret might I add)? Burritos anyone? You don’t really care what it is as long as you can stock up on the delicious number for an eternity and then some.


Photo by Katherine Carroll

4. The Fact that Good Food Actually Exists

Unless you’re fortunate to go to one of the schools with the best dining halls in the country or you’re not struggling your way through home cooked meals, you probably forgot that good food existed. Which is why all of the above are super crucial to having an amazing time at home. Bring on the holiday love handles.


Photo by Katherine Carroll

5. Random Dance Parties in the Kitchen

You’re making cookies (delicious recipe here by the way) in the kitchen or you’re just chilling with family or friends and that song comes on and you just can’t contain yourself. We’ve all been there. It only happens in the kitchen and at random intervals, but you can’t stop and you won’t stop. Embrace your inner diva and dance like no one is watching. The kitchen is a completely judge free zone, and I guarantee that others are going to join.