When you first walk into a new bakery, it can be overwhelming. With all the different pastries and breads, where do you start? Having grown up exposed to all types of Asian bakeries, here are my favorites for anyone who has never been, categorized by: Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese pastries.

Chinese Bakeries

BBQ Pork Bun (Chao Sao Bao)

BBQ Pork Buns are delicate round rolls filled with roasted BBQ pork. The soft bread absorbs the sweetly roasted pork flavor, making it a must-try for anyone who appreciates BBQ.

Pineapple Bun (Bolo bao)

Do not be fooled. The pineapple bun does not contain pineapple. Instead, it gets its name through its pineapple resembling appearance from its topping. Since the pineapple-like layer's flavor is the star of the show, these bread underneath is a simple soft bun that complements the bursting flavors of the sweet top layer.

Egg Tart

Although egg tarts look plain, these pastries are packed with delicious egg-iness. The egg custard has a pudding-like texture, and paired with the buttery goodness of the flaky and crumbly crust, it just works.

Filipino Bakeries

Pan de Ube (Purple Yam Bread)

If you have ever seen a vibrant, almost neon, purple cream in any pastry, that is ube. Ube is purple yam and is very common in Filipino foods. Naturally sweet and bright purple, ube has essential vitamins and minerals which you can infer from its unique color.


Ensaymada is a sweet bread sprinkled with sugar and cheese. There are many types of filling, ranging from cream cheese, ham, salted eggs, and my personal favorite, ube.

Japanese Bakeries

Sweet Red Bean Bun (Anpan)

A simple sweet bread filled with red bean paste, anpan is perfect for those who love the taste of red bean.

Korean Bakeries


Croissant + Donut = Cronut. Enough said.

Taiwanese Bakeries

Sweet Cream Custard Bun

Sometimes topped with an iconic creamy white spiral, sweet cream custard buns consist of a denser bun that is filled with the sweet cream goodness. There are two versions of custard buns: steamed and baked.

Pork Sung Bun

A soft bun with a layer of thin layer of cream and pork sung (light and fluffy dried pork), the pork sung bun is perfect for the savory lovers out there.

Vietnamese Bakeries

French Bread or any Bánh Mì

Walk into any Vietnamese bakery and you will experience the aroma of freshly baked baguettes. These golden brown baguettes are what are used for bánh mì. Just choose what you want in your bánh mì, and you are golden.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Rather than being sweetened by cream and sugar, Vietnamese coffee tastes stronger as it is sweetened with condensed milk. A definite must-try for any coffee lover

Asian bakeries are full of delicious goodies – all you have to do is try. If you ever get the chance to visit any of these Asian bakeries, try out these foods mentioned, but don't be afraid to give others a chance. You never know, sometimes the most plain-looking food is the best tasting one out there.