If you're anything like me, your Instagram feed is made up mostly of food accounts and bloggers. And if the majority of these are LA-based, their posts will almost always contain California's most prized asset in the food world: avocado

The comments that I most often see people leave on these  appealing posts are concerning what the meal actually is, where it's located, and almost always how to get one for themselves. 

avocado, vegetable, juice
Cherie Mak

Because of the popular demand of trendy, aesthetic restaurants and, more importantly, avocados, I went ahead and gathered a list of several restaurants and cafes located in the City of Angels that met these requests. 

1. Flower Child

First up on my list is Flower Child, a vibrant and colorful cafe conveniently located next to the 3rd Street Promenade. Here they consider avocado topped with sea salt and olive oil its own 'plate'. No shame, though...I'd order it. 

2. Bardonna

At any of Bardonna's four Los Angeles locations, it's pretty impossible not to order something with avocado. The delicacy is included in the majority of their dishes, with a crowd favorite being the Avocado Poached Eggs (pictured above). Go ahead and order a coffee with your food, because they're top-notch.

3. The OP Café

This family-owned café attracts both Santa Monica locals and tourists alike, and there's no question why. Here, you can get served your favorite avocado-incorporating dishes in the comfort of a secluded and sunlit patio.

4. By CHLOE.

Audrey Jones

Originated in NYC in 2015, By CHLOE. is an vegan eatery that is appealing to more than just plant-based eaters. They use solely vegan ingredients to reinvent common dishes, such as their Avocado Pesto Pasta or their S'mores Ice Cream. Meat-eaters be warned, because you might end up enjoying these alternatives more than their counterparts.

5. Tuscan Son

Dining at this farm-to-table and family-owned cafe will be sure to send you to a casual eatery in the middle of Florence, Italy. The head chef/owner channels his own experiences as a widely praised Italian chef into the comfort of this relaxed restaurant. Even his simple take on avocado toast (pictured above) is raved about. 

6. Urth Caffé

Unless they live under a rock, any LA native should know about Urth Caffé. From a Mediterranean platter to a classic Reuben sandwich, it would be hard for someone to complain with a menu like theirs. Pair your meal with one of their blended boba drinks for the full "Urth experience".

7. Simplethings

Simplethings has made a name for itself with its adorable mini pies, but the food is pretty up to par. Their create-your-plate option allows for freedom to ask for pretty much whatever you're in the mood for, and its always guaranteed to be delicious and aesthetically pleasing. 

8. Cafe Gratitude

This plant-based haven is pretty extra (they address you as the name of your order, i.e. "You Are Illuminating"), but their food is definitely not. From experience, I can tell you that it will take you at least 10 minutes and several times reading through the menu before you make your final order, because everything sounds insane. And if you enjoy your experience here, try their Mexican-inspired counterpart over in WeHo, Gracias Madre.

9. Bru's Wiffle

This joint originally put their name on the market with their noteworthy chicken and waffles, but since then the rest of their menu has grown to be just as amazing. Their two locations, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, offer sweet and savory waffles, burgers, salads, and my personal favorite, avocado fries (pictured above).

Whether you're like me, who was given an "I Love Avocados" t-shirt for her last birthday, or you enjoy the occasional spoonful of guac with your burrito, you're guaranteed to find something worth your while at any one of these eateries.