Los Angeles is know for its quaint, eclectic eateries; the types of places where you can’t help but run into screenwriters and artists. But for us college students these eclectic eateries are evaluated more for the size of their tables, the quality of their Internet and their affordability. With finals just around the corner, here are five eateries that will make your studies just a little bit more bearable.

1. Literati Cafe


Photo courtesy of Literati Café


This is one of those places that will make you love Los Angeles just a little bit more. With its corner lot, beautifully covered patio, good coffee and delicious food it’s hard to go wrong. An assortment of hidden nooks, amazing mint lemonade, a decent internet connection and bus accessibility are just a few of the things that will have you going back again and again.

2. Bricks and Scones


Photo courtesy of Bricks & Scones

Ever wanted to feel like you walked straight out of your favorite fairytale novel? This place gives you that sort of feeling with it’s mystic vibe and huge dark wood tables.

Along with the large mahogany wood tables, Bricks and Scones has numerous outlets to ensure all your technological devices can be recharged, a must for college students.

The chandelier that greets you upon entrance, the unique chairs and the fairytale vibe are just a few of the things that make this place the perfect place to spend a day studying for midterms, enjoying coffee with a friend or diving into a good book.

3. Espresso Profeta


Photo courtesy of Espresso Profeta

Only blocks away from campus, tucked in the most southern blocks of Westwood lies Espresso Profetta. Open 7am –7pm, this is the perfect place to spend a day studying or catching up with friends.

The beautiful patio that will have leave you feeling like you stumbled upon a secret garden and the indoor and outdoor tables are perfect for spreading out all your essentials. Boasting both a strong Internet connection and strong coffee, this place is ideal for locals and UCLA students alike.

4. Coral Tree Café


Photo courtesy of Coral Tree Café

Only blocks away in neighboring Brentwood lies this charm. Directly across from SoulCycle and only a short run or bus ride from campus, less than two miles to be exact, Coral Tree Café is always buzzing with activity.

Although rather busy with brunch go-ers on the weekends, its late week night hours make it the optimal place to grab a coffee and get to work. In fact, if you make it until closing you may even have the fortune of indulging in free bakery goodies or baguettes since everything is made fresh daily.

5. The Pie Hole


Photo courtesy The Pie Hole

Located in Downtown Los Angeles this place is a classic favorite that will remind you of all the reasons you dreamt about school in LA. Blocks from the downtown library and historic Union Station, with large dark wood tables, and an eccentric mix of people, The Pie Hole is love at first sight.

You can’t go wrong with any one of the delectable pie selections ranging from unique flavors such as earl grey and Mexican chocolate to more traditional favorites such as apple and pumpkin.

With an additional assortment of exceptional coffees and teas, and a chai tea latte that is especially worth noting, this place will leave you asking how anything could make you quite as productive as pie.

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