It's 2 am, and despite your best efforts you find yourself unable to fall asleep. You think, maybe I'll just binge watch Netflix for a while, when suddenly it hits—hunger. You could grab a bowl of cereal, but oh wait your roommate finished the last of it this morning. You need food ASAP or else you might be tempted to eat the Pop-Tart that's been under your bed all semester. Where do you go?

Luckily, living in a city has its perks. Though your gut instinct may be to head straight towards Waffle House (and honestly, who can blame you?) there are actually other restaurants that stay open past 9 pm. Since I am the self-proclaimed patron saint of eating past your bed time, I've compiled a list of all the places open in Atlanta for your late night cravings. 

1. The Vortex

In your sleep-deprived state, ordering the Quadruple Coronary Bypass Burger may seem like a top-notch decision, but I'm here to tell you no, no it's not. Don't worry though, they have loads of cheesy goo to soothe your munchies. Just don't be that guy who shows up 30 minutes before closing, because you won't be served any food. 

How late is it open? Monday through Thursday 'til 1 am, Friday and Saturday 'til 3am, Sunday 'til midnight.

2. Marcel

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While it may be hard to afford their dinner menu on a college student budget, it is possible to snack on their late night menu. From steak frites to tuxedo cake, late night dining at Marcel's will make you feel classy even if you roll up wearing yesterday's makeup. 

How late is it open? Late night menu only available Friday and Saturday 11 pm to 2 am.

3. Metro Café Diner

This specific diner holds a special place in my heart, and it's not just because of the amount of neon lights strung along the walls. Not only do they serve grade-A diner food 24/7, but every day they have late night karaoke. There is nothing like watching drunk suburban moms sing along to "Baby Got Back" while you scarf down your second slice of cheesecake. 

How late is it open? Open 24/7

4. Chinese Buddha

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There are few things as holy as Chinese food at 3 am, and boy does Chinese Buddha deliver. Though it may be hard to navigate their extensive menu when you haven't slept in over 24 hours, you can never go wrong with their Mongolian beef. 

How late is it open? Monday through Sunday 'til 6 am.

5. Front Page News

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Craving red beans and rice, but can't make it to New Orleans? Lucky for you, Front Page News exists and can cure all your NOLA cravings. With over 20 items on their late night menu, Front Page News boasts some of the best night munchies in the ATL. 

How late is it open? Sunday through Tuesday 'til 11 pm, Wednesday and Thursday 'til 1 am, Friday and Saturday 'til 2 am.

6. Augustines

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Augustines may have some killer drinks, but their food is not to be overlooked. From their duck fat fries to their pimento cheese BLT, the food at Augustines elevates bar food to the highest level. 

How late is it open? Monday through Saturday 'til 2 am, Sundays 'til midnight. 

7. Twain's

You may stop by Twain's for their billiards, but you'll stay for their beer queso. Not only do they locally source their ingredients, but they have some of the best vegetarian and vegan meals in Atlanta

How late is it open? Monday through Sunday 'til 12:30 am.

8. Octopus Bar

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This late night pop-up restaurant is an Atlanta staple. Hidden in the back of East Atlanta hot spot, So Ba, lies this late night treat. Because the chefs emphasize seasonal ingredients, the menu changes daily, but it's worth the trip for the Instagram bragging rights alone. 

 How late is it open? Tuesday through Saturday 'til 2:30 am. 

9. El Rey Del Taco

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Buford Highway is arguably the best spot in Georgia to eat authentic ethnic food, and no one serves up authentic tacos like El Rey Del Taco. I don't know what Atlanta did to deserve a taqueria that stays open late every night, but boy am I happy it does. 

How late is it open? Sunday through Thursday 'til 5 am. Friday and Saturday 'til 6 am. 

10. Victory Sandwich Bar

Victory Sandwich Bar may be home of the famous Jack and Coke slushie, but their sandwiches are the perfect way to start and finish a night out. On the weekends after 6 pm, head around the corner to their SOS tiki bar where you can get a punch bowl that serves 6-8 people, or one really thirsty alcoholic. 

How late is it open? Monday through Sunday till 2 am. 

11. Pho 24

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This aptly named restaurant serves up pho to hungry customers on Buford Highway all day, every day. Even if you haven't eaten all day, don't let your eyes deceive you when it comes to ordering. A small or medium bowl of pho should fill up even the hungriest of eaters. 

How late is it open? Open 24/7

12. R. Thomas

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Hidden behind a block of foliage and a flock of birds is another restaurant ready to help soothe those late night munchies. Whoever said eating past your bedtime is unhealthy can respectfully suck it, because R. Thomas offers organic and vegetarian items literally 24/7. Take that naysayers. 

How late is it open? Open 24/7

13. Park Tavern

The only thing more beautiful than the Atlanta skyline at night is looking at the Atlanta skyline while shoving half-priced sushi down your throat. Plus, if you go during the winter you can watch people falling down on ice skates while eating their legendary spicy chicken sandwich. It's practically heaven on earth. 

How late is it open? Monday through Sunday 'til midnight.