As a girl who spent her summer interning in Manhattan, I was constantly traveling throughout the borough either because I was sent on a task or because I was simply enjoying my time in the city. Over the past few months, I have gotten acquainted with a good portion of the trendy juice shops in New York.

From way uptown all the way down, I've sipped on enough of these healthy beverages to judge which chain ranks supreme. Here's your unofficial guide to the most popular juice shops in NYC.

6. Pressed Juicery

Menu: For juice that tastes like a salad was put into a blender, go to Pressed Juicery. This shop is ranked last due to the lack of enjoyment I get from drinking almost any of their beverages. The only thing that saves them is the fact that some of their locations now offer frozen yogurt, which happens to be good for something on the healthier side.

Must Try: If you find yourself at one of Pressed Freeze Juiceries, indulge in the Chocolate Almond Freeze. It's made with cacao, almonds, dates, vanilla bean, and sea salt.

Location/Atmosphere: Pressed Juice lovers rejoice! With ten locations spread throughout NYC, you can be assured to find one of their shops in almost every area.

Price: For mediocre juice, spend your buck on something other than a beverage Pressed Juice.

5. Liquiteria

Menu: With a pretty limited menu, Liquiteria is ranked fifth on this list. However, a unique feature the shop offers is the option to mix and match any four flavors of juice for $26.

Must Try: For a sweet drink with a little kick, sip on the Royal Flush cold pressed juice. Its ingredients include pineapple, apple, and ginger and make for a great pick-me-up or a meal replacement.

Location/Atmosphere: There are only 5 Liquiteria locations at the moment but there's no doubt that we'll be seeing more shops popping up over the next few years.

Price: Juice shops tend to be pricey but Liquiteria is more reasonable. Their breakfast items do not exceed $5.50, while most of their juices and smoothies stay in the price range of $7.00-$9.00.

4. Joe and The Juice

Menu: Joe's menu truly takes on the motto of "less is more." The juices and shakes at the shop typically have three to five ingredients in each of them - and it works. Although simple, the drinks pack powerful tastes.

Must Try: For some reason, beets don't get the love they deserve. Not only are they delicious and healthy, but they are pretty too. A yummy juice to opt for here is the Heartbeet. It's made with beetroot, avocado (which adds thickness), banana, pineapple, and apple. 

Location/Atmosphere: At Joe and the Juice, it's all about the vibes. It reminds me of a hipster coffee shop combined with a chic, European club. While there are big comfy seats to veg in with friends, there is also music blasting and friendly staff at your service. It's an experience.

Price: This place isn't too pricey. However, there is a photo booth at the location in Soho so you may end up spending a few additional dollars on that!

3. Juice Press

Menu: If you tend to be an indecisive individual, I wouldn't recommend going here. On this popular juice shop's menu, there may be too many options. However, if you are able to pick just one item, kudos to you. This place has a ton of add-ons you can put in your smoothie, juice or açai bowl which make your options even more limitless.

Must Try: As an individual who was initially turned off by green juice because of the overpowering taste of kale or spinach, trust me when I tell you to try Juice Press's Clean Green Protein. The drink is a blend of kale, spinach, hemp protein, raw almond butter, chia seeds, coconut nectar, and almond milk. The green veggies are hardly noticeable as you indulge in the rich flavor of the almond butter.

Location/Atmosphere: My one complaint about the Juice Press brick and mortar locations is the fact that not all of them have made-to-go options. I can recall walking into one store and they only sold prepackaged products, which I don't really care for.

Price: It's difficult to find something that is more than $10.00 at Juice Press, making the price for all their delicious treats pretty reasonable.

2. Juice Generation

Menu: One of the most unique features on Juice Generation's menu is the different categories into which the drinks are divided. From their coffee spiked smoothies to their Juice Farmacy, it's easy to quench your thirst with a different beverage each time you go. Their fresh baked vegan-only bakery includes homemade donuts, cookies, breakfast tarts, and beyond. 

Must Try: For the most instagrammable meal, go for one of Juice Generation's açai bowls. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to the eye but they are also extremely yummy. Each one is topped with fruit and granola. I'm not quite sure what they put in the granola but I must warn you- it's highly addictive. 

Locations/Atmosphere: As soon as you step through the doors of this magical place, you can smell the health. Their ingredients such as whole ginger, apples, and bananas are beautifully stacked behind the counter, ensuring the freshness of the products used. 

Price: The cold pressed juices and made to order drinks are moderately priced, although the açai bowls may be pushing the dollar. They are definitely worth the extra money but for as much as they are (about $12), they could give you a bit more in the bowl.

1. The Juice Shop

Menu: There’s no question that The Juice Shop’s menu has the most substantial variety when compared to New York City’s other juiceries. With everything from delicious pre-made treats, to made-to-order juices, salads, and bowls, this chain is the definitive winner.

Must Try: If you’re like me, and enjoy the taste of pumpkin spice year round, treat yourself to a Mr. Almond smoothie. The popular drink consists of almond butter, dates, banana, almond milk, pumpkin spice, Himalayan sea salt, vanilla, and is blended to perfection.

Locations/Atmosphere: Their six locations spread across Manhattan make eating clean, yet tasty meals easily accessible to any health nut. There’s a store conveniently located just a few blocks from Penn Station, perfect for anyone commuting to work and needs a little pick me up in the morning.

Price: The average cost of a juice, salad, or bowl ranges anywhere from $8-$10. These are pretty standard prices when comparing The Juice Shop to any other juice place.

I've shared all my wisdom about the most popular juice shops in NYC... Now, go out and decide for yourself which place truly deserves that #1 spot.