We’ve heard, multiple times, that “healthy” just doesn’t taste good, but Liquiteria’s smoothies are an absolute exception, as they not only encompass a substantial amount of beneficial ingredients, but are also satisfyingly delicious, with several options epitomizing a full-blown meal. Coming across Liquiteria’s smoothie menu, which is comprised of all these cleverly named drinks, like the “Hangover Cure” and the “Mean Green,” one would be too focused on the wide range of ingredients in each drink to take even a brief look at the calories.

Mean Green / Calories: 325


Photo courtesy of @mainamesvi on Instagram

If you’re looking for something a little more on the tangy side, order a Mean Green. First, this particular smoothie is packed with kale and spinach, which, on some level, contributes to your daily recommended vegetable intake. Second, the hint of fresh golden pineapple juice in the Mean Green will provide an apt amount of “sour” to satisfy your cravings.

Berry Powerful / Calories: 250


Photo courtesy of @foodietootie on Instagram

It’s not called Berry Powerful for no reason. For all you berry-lovers out there, this smoothie’s only 250 calories and it’s got blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Moreover, the vanilla almond milk, the vanilla whey protein and the flax seeds, add a nice touch, balancing the otherwise overwhelming berry flavors.

Bulldozer / Calories: 525


Photo courtesy of @theknowitallsnyc on Instagram

Bananas and peanut-butter? Yum, yum, yum. Both of these ingredients taste tremendous on toast, so imagine blending them together with vanilla almond milk and chocolate whey protein — a palatable amalgam, for sure. It’s no wonder the Bulldozer has got the most calories compared to the other options. Personally, I’d drink this one without hesitation.

Green Monster / Calories: 350


Photo courtesy of @sammcell on Instagram

Don’t let the name fool you — the Green Monster isn’t actually green. Although some of the other smoothies also contain blueberries, strawberries, bananas or apple cider, the Green Monster is an integration of all these ingredients, plus super green food and vegan protein.

Hangover Cure / Calories: 400


Photo courtesy of @ameliaholt on Instagram

The Hangover Cure is a superb combination of papaya, peaches and bananas, but the addition of apple cider, vitamin C, honey and liver-kidney-lymph detox, is what makes this smoothie the ultimate must-have for those who often endure hangovers. With this refreshing 400-calorie, great-for-breakfast smoothie, you can survive that hangover like a boss and go about your day as if you hadn’t gone drinking at all.

Now that you have an idea of the number of calories in each of these fantastic smoothies, head over to a Liquiteria near you and get your smoothie fix. It’s an all-in-one — what’ve you got to lose? Berry little.