Whether you favor the flaming hot, puffs, or regular, Cheetos are a go-to snack for everyone. To celebrate this great snack, celebrity chef Anne Burrell has created a menu with three courses— yes, dessert is included— highlighting Cheetos. The Spotted Cheetah is going to be the first ever Cheetos restaurant.

Who, When, and Where

The restaurant will be open from August 15th-17th, at 211 West Broadway Street in New York City, and the chef of the restaurant is Anne Burrell. Anne Burrell has written two cookbooks, and can also be seen on Food Network's Worst Cooks In America. Now she is using her creativity to conceive a high-end menu designed around Cheetos. 

The Food

The meal consists of three courses: Dangerously Cheesy Starters, The Big Cheese, and the Sweet Spot. For each course there are 3-4 options. For the Dangerously Cheesy Starters, some of the menu items include Cheetos grilled cheese + tomato soup, and Cheetos meatballs. In the Big Cheese course some of the dishes are Flamin' Hot and White Cheddar Mac n' Cheetos, and Spicy Cheetos nachos. 

And finally, because I know you're wondering what you could possibly have for dessert that includes Cheetos, on the menu there is Cheetos Sweetos crusted cheesecake, and Cheetos Sweetos Sweet and Salty Cookies. 

Lucky enough, if you aren't able to get a reservation or be in New York for these three days, you won't necessarily miss out on eating these high-end Cheetos dishes. Available on August 15 will be a free online cookbook with all the recipes used in the restaurant, so you can make your own gourmet Cheetos meals at home.