Cheetos not only sells orange-dusted, crunchy snacks, it also sells merchandise. The Cheetos store is a thing, and it's everything our cheese-pun dreams imagined. Designs by Chester Cheetah are available for purchase today, and we got a sneak peak at some of its most exclusive items.

The Cheetos online store claims to be the most stylish place on the Internet, and let me tell you — it's definitely extravagant. A $20,000 ring is no joke. We had some peeps at Spoon HQ model some of the items, and things started looking dangerously hot. Be warned, there're a lot of cheesy puns comin' at. 

Chester Cheetah's Bathing Brief

Marina Nazario

Um, what? This is seriously cheesy, but in a it's-funny-and-I-want-someone-to-wear-it-so-I-can-Snapchat-it kind of way. Unfortunately, none of our models tried on the Cheedo (#winterbod probs) but we can just imagine how sexy this would look. Rawr.

Marina Nazario

Flamin' Hot Pants

Marina Nazario

Take your leggings to the next level with Flamin' Hot Pants. Just looking at them makes us hungry. Think of the conversation starters these babies will bring. Best queso scenario, you start a trend in your Soul Cycle class. Lookin' sharp. 

Eye of the Cheetah

sushi, salmon, caviar, fish
Marina Nazario

This is the famous $20,000 Eye of the Cheetah ring. Talk about bling. This baby is 18k yellow gold and is seriously cheetah-licious (I've been dying to use that word). It comes with matching earrings to add to your overall daily dazzle. Might as well go big or go home.

beer, tea, sushi
Marina Nazario

Cheeteau Perfume

beer, cake, pizza
Marina Nazario

In case the man in your life loves Cheetos, give him the gift to smell like one. Not sure what that smells like? Imagine sitting on a bag of Cheetos and liquifying the putrid plume of artificial cheese. Or so, that's how our male model explained it, and we trust his judgement. You can even add Chester Cheetah’s Cheesy Cuffs to up his look, for $69.99. Lowkey wish these were earrings. 

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Marina Nazario

The Purrfect Onesie

beer, pizza
Marina Nazario

And finally, get your paws on the most practical gift of them all, the Purrrfect Onesie. This is something we can get behind. Who wouldn't want to look like the coolest cat of them all, Chester Cheetah? You can't go anywhere in this onesie without being spotted. Drops mic. Peace out.