Hot Cheetos — the magical two words that will have any person salivating the instant they hear it. I definitely grew up eating, and craving, these hot snacks.

As I go through life, I find myself inspired to eat Hot Cheetos not only straight out of the bag, but also by combining them with other items. I have come up with five of my favorite ways to eat Hot Cheetos and have decided to share them with you all today. You're welcome.

1. Nacho Cheese

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Jasmine Lim

Now if you have already tried this combination then you know why this has to be on the list. Hot Cheetos and nacho cheese are not a new combination and the kids I grew up with loved to buy this combo from the cart vendors and ice cream trucks that passed by our neighborhoods.

The warm, gooey cheesy perfectly complement the Hot Cheetos crunchy and spicy exterior. Even better is when the warm cheese makes the chips slightly soggy on the outside. 

2. Cream Cheese

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Jasmine Lim

Yes, cheese again. But cheese is amazing and we must acknowledge its powers on other foods. When I was in high school, everyone would go to the cafeteria and grab a pack of cream cheese along with a bag of Hot Cheetos — granted those were baked due to "health regulations."

Because cream cheese is generally eaten cold, it creates a nice contrast to the heat provided by Hot Cheetos' spice levels. The creaminess of the cream cheese complements the crispiness of the chips nicely as well. 

#SpoonTip: Use your favorite flavor of cream cheese to cater it to your own specific tastes. For example, I grabbed the smoked salmon flavor and I love it! 

3. Li Hing

Jasmine Lim

I have two roommates that grew up in Hawaii and are no stranger to the concept of Li Hing. Their favorite combination with Li Hing is to sprinkle it over sour worms candy and, that's right, Hot Cheetos.

Be as generous as you want because it's all on your personal preference, but the powdery substance is easy to mix in with the Hot Cheetos. All you've got to do is pour and shake.

4. Burritos

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Jasmine Lim

When I was in high school, I thrived during snack time because I always skipped breakfast. One of my two favorite items to grab from the cafeteria was the breakfast burrito.

The only other thing I had to do was grab some Hot Cheetos and throw them inside to customize it to become a perfect breakfast burrito. Trust me, my friends definitely joined in on this combination.

5. Quesadilla 

chicken, cheese
Jasmine Lim

So what was my other favorite item to grab during snack time? A quesadilla. You really can't go wrong with reconstructing your quesadilla to include Hot Cheetos inside with each bite.

The quesadilla is the ultimate combination in my opinion because it combines the tortilla from the burrito and the gooey cheese element you get with adding nacho cheese into the bag.

6. Sriracha 

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Jasmine Lim

If you can't beat the heat, join it. It was dorm life that drove me to this perfect combination of Hot Cheetos and Sriracha. When you don't have much to munch on but you have late night munchies or are in dire need of a study snack break, you tend to combine whatever is at your disposal. For me, this meant Hot Cheetos and Sriracha.

Your stomach may not forgive you for this questionable combination but your tastebuds sure will. This is the combination made for someone that loves their spice — though I do not suggest this to be a daily snack.

These are my favorite ways to eat Hot Cheetos, but if you want to stay traditional I don't blame you. Sometimes that's all I want, or need, too.