Snack shelves across America are about to make room for the latest Cheetos creation: the new “Sweetos” snack.


Photo courtesy of Cheetos

Set to launch in mid-to-late February, the Cheetos brand (a division of Frito-Lays and PepsiCo), will be rolling out a limited-edition cinnamon-sugar coated snack puff called “Sweetos” nationwide. This will be the first sweet Cheetos product in the company’s 67 year history.

Frito-Lay’s VP of marketing, Jeff Klein, told ABC news the company is “always looking for ways to add some playful fun to the snack aisle,” so they “decided to turn spring snacking on its head with the most unexpected treat in decades.” He added: “Move over chocolate bunny, there’s a sweet new snack in town.”

Although the snack may not offer the signature neon-orange dust, it does offer a fun new ovular shape, light cinnamon sugar coating, and at last, Cheetos no one can judge you for eating for breakfast.