Tuscaloosa's bar scene is located on the strip and downtown and it has a wide variety of options. Each bar offers a different scene or music selection that can attract distinct personality types. Being in a loud crammed bar when all you want to do is watch sports on TV is annoying. It's also irritating to be a GDI or "unaffiliated" in a bar that's crowded with people in Greek life. Additionally, no one wants to be the oldest or youngest in a bar by years. It's just weird.

The good news is that Tuscaloosa has lots of bars and there is bound to be one that's perfect for you. Even if you hate going out, I'm sure there is a local bar you can enjoy, even if it's just to get a drink after a brutal exam. It may take some searching but I'm here to help. 

Here's a breakdown of Tuscaloosa's bar scene: 


Rounders is for the people who love to dance while they drink (or not drink). There aren't many places to sit but there is lots of space to get your groove on. The second floor is referred to as the "Boom Boom Room." It typically has a DJ or EDM music playing and feels a lot like you're at a rave.

Bear Trap

Bear Trap is personally one of my favorites. If it's a warm, clear night you should check out this bar. It's located on the strip and has an indoor space and a rooftop bar. This great bar serves food during the day and does Bingo on Tuesday nights. During the day, I'll go for the wings and I'll stay for the rooftop view at night. 


Shakers is a cocktail bar that opened on the strip about two years ago. Although its drink menu looks fancy, this bar can get really crowded, really fast. If you want to go when it's not so packed, check out its happy hour everyday from 6-9 p.m. Additionally, Shakers has karaoke on Tuesdays, drink specials on Wednesdays and throwback jams on Thursdays. You can't go wrong.


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Fallon Acker

Alcove has dim lighting, a closed back patio and the best choices of craft beer in town. I recommend the Druid City North Porter or if you want something sweet, the Crispin Blackberry and Pear Cider. Alcove has never been crowded when I've gone and most of the people I've met there have been graduate students. There is often a band playing live jazz or rock music. This bar is definitely not where you would go to rage but it's a great spot to sit, relax and have a drink. 


Whether or not Moe's is the bar for you totally depends on the night you're going out. Thursday nights at Moe's are jam-packed with a line out the door. If you're a social butterfly, Thursday nights at Moe's are for you. The rest of the weekend is less crazy and attracts more graduate students, so I'll leave it to you to decide when to go. Not to mention, Moe's has some of the best BBQ in town during the daytime. 

Copper Top

Copper Top isn't necessarily going to be filled with UA students but that does't mean it's not the bar for you. With a mixture of students and locals, you could meet anyone at this bar. It has lots of seating space, pool tables and free popcorn. It has a dive bar feel to it. You should check this bar out if you like to sit and snack while you drink.

Heat Pizza Bar

Heat Pizza Bar might be one of the best things to happen to Tuscaloosa. Not only does this bar sell both tasty alcoholic drinks AND pizza, but it also stays open late. I'm a big fan of the chicken Thai pizza, which you can get for only $7 on Tuesdays. This is the bar to go to if you're hungry AF but you don't want to stop drinking.


Gallettes has been around since 1976 and is home of the yellow hammer, a mixed vodka drink that has grown to be a Tuscaloosa staple. It's a game day bar favorite and completely dominates Wednesday nights with "Wine Wednesday," where bottles of wine are only $5 and cover is free with a student ID. However, if you're not 21, you're only allowed into Galettes on Thursday nights. Sorry, kids.


Innisfree is an Irish pub and bar at the heart of downtown, and is another game day favorite. On a typical football game day, home or away, there's a line to get in, but if you love being around lots of people, it's definitely worth the wait. It has plenty of seating space, inside or outside and serves delicious food during the daytime. I recommend the pub fries, and to the surprise of many, you don't even have to be drunk to enjoy them. 

These are just a few of the bars that Tuscaloosa has to offer but I hope it gets you started to find the best one for you. No matter what kind of music you're into, the clothes you wear, or the kind of people you're attracted to, Tuscaloosa has a nightlife spot that is ideal for you.