It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, or what you're into because at some point in all of our lives we will get propositioned at a party or bar. Propositioned with marriage? No. Probably not. I meant with a drink. 

Someone out there in this crazy, messed up world is bound to find you attractive and will approach you and ask you if they can buy you a drink. The reason this may happen is because a person wants a reason to talk to you and maybe get to know you a little. If all goes well they might even get to take you home. 

This all sounds exciting and fun but what if you're not interested? Here are six ways to curve that drink and escape with your dignity. 

1. Insist That Tonight Is a Celebration

OMG! That's so sweet of you to offer to get me a drink and I so would, BUT tonight just isn't about me. You're out "celebrating" your friend getting into medical school, a 21st birthday, or their new haircut, or something. Give them a reason and the impression that it's not them, it's just a bad time. They'll get the message and let you go on your way. 

2. Sorry, You're Taken!

Honestly, the chances of someone offering you a drink wanting to just be friends are slim. They ultimately want something more sooner or later. Engage in conversation with this person long enough to ask them a question, any question, and then whatever the answer is say that your significant other has that in common with them.

For example, ask for their hometown, and no matter where it is say that your bae is from there too and that you can't wait to visit. Then as you watch the hope fade from their eyes, tell them it was nice to meet them and you hope they have a good night before you walk away into the crowded dance floor. 

3. Place a Bet 

This is a trick right out of my own personal playbook, and it's worked every time. Tell this person itching to buy you a drink that if they can guess your favorite drink after three attempts they can buy you one. Even if they guess it on the first try, just pretend they didn't. If they guess champagne (your favorite), whiskey coke, or vodka tonic, then say sorry tough noodles but you love moscato (you actually hate moscato).

They lost the bet and have to leave you alone because those are the rules they agreed to play by (and then lost by), and no one likes a sore loser to overstay their welcome. 

4. You Don't Speak Their Language 

If you're at a college town bar and everyone is speaking perfect English, just whip out those rusty Spanish skills that have been residing in the back of your brain since 8th grade. No hablo inglés! Same goes for if you're on vacation in South America. If they ask in Spanish to buy you a drink, no hablo español. 

5. Take a "Phone Call"

You're like, sooooo popular! Right in the middle of someone asking you to get a drink with them just whip out that handy dandy cell phone of yours and insist you're getting a very important call. Take that call and excuse yourself and never return. 

6. Say No 

Sometimes you don't need a reason or a trick or a plan to reject a drink, you just need to cut the sh*t and say no. If they don't take that answer for what it is then do not hesitate to remind them of the definition of the word. It doesn't mean "maybe" or "let me think about it" or "please convince me to say yes." It means a decision has already been made, that decision is no. With that, they should know to walk away and if they don't, you can. 

Happy drinking.