As fall (finally) approaches in DC, it's time to rock the red at Capitals games, enjoy some fall foliage at monuments, and take advantage of the many outdoor opportunities the city has to offer. Time to check out All Things Go Fall Classic, an annual festival for music and food lovers. 

Whether you're only in The District for the weekend or you call the President your neighbor, the All Things Go Classic is the not-to-miss concert of the fall. Started in 2014, the event now welcomes thousands of music lovers each year for a weekend full of performances from top artists and features popular local restaurants. 

Along with a lineup including Young Thug and Galantis is an impressive lineup of some of The District's best restaurants. If you can’t make it to All Things Go, or you’re worried about only having three days to try them all, luckily these restaurants all have brick and mortar locations around the city. 

1. &pizza

Voted Best Pizza in DC , &pizza is known for providing local produce and gourmet toppings. Like the music festival itself, &pizza encourages creativity and individuality through a DIY pizza bar and unique menu combinations, like the Farmer's Daughter, a breakfast inspired pie. 

After opening in DC in 2012, &pizza now has over 20 locations with 12 throughout the city, so there's no excuse to miss this. Luckily if you're more than just singing along to "No Money" during Galantis, for only $10 you can build your own pizza with unlimited toppings. 

2. Buredo 

Can't decide exactly what you're craving? Luckily, leading innovators have been creating inventive hybrids of classic dishes for years. Buredo is what happens when two lifelong friends and DC natives conjoin to prove two dishes can be better than one, combining two of my favorite foods into a revolutionary sushi-burrito.

All Things Go lets you watch your handheld sushi rolls made in front of you, and pick any ingredients from slow-cooked pork to kimchi to make the sushi roll of your dreams in an easy-to-eat on the go handheld form. You'll be saying you have the "World In My Hands" along with Saba on stage while you're holding this combo. 

3. DGS Delicatessen

DGS Delicatessen pays homage to DC history when local grocers banded together and formed the District Grocery Stores. With dishes like eggs Benedict on latkes and challah french toast, it’s like your Jewish grandmother’s cooking, with bottomless brunch.

With your choice of endless mimosas, Bloody Marys, or screwdrivers you can "Never Get Enough" like JackLNDN.

4. Milk Cult

Milk Cult is anything but traditional. The unusual combos such as avocado reflect the same eccentric atmosphere at the festival. You may even see their motorcycle making deliveries to markets around the city, where you can buy their flavors by the pint if you can't get enough in one weekend. 

Foster the People won't be the only ones saying "I Would Do Anything For You" while you're enjoying the treats from Milk Cult. 

5. Maketto

It's hard not to Instagram a pic of the trendy aesthetics at Maketto. The 6,000 square foot venue combines a restaurant, bar, cafe and upscale clothing store into one communal marketplace, so you can leave brunch with a fresh new style. 

The restaurant is influenced by Cambodian and Taiwanese flavors, and is known for dishes like Thai fried chicken and dim sum. If those aren't enough reasons to try this trendy spot, Michelle Obama celebrated her birthday dinner here in 2015. You'll want to "Kiss the Sky" along with The Knocks after eating here.

6. TaKorean

Opened out of a 1985 Ford step van, the Korean BBQ style tacos at TaKorean quickly became a favorite among DC food trucks, and are now served at four locations around the city. Along with using the healthiest ingredients, TaKorean donates a percentage of their sales to local NGOs, so you can feel good about eating here in more ways than one. 

The build-your-own Asian fusion tacos and bowls will be a satisfying taste before getting to the front row for Vince Staples, Young Thug and Cashmere Cat. Betty Who may have even written her song "Some Kind of Wonderful" about the tacos, we wouldn't be surprised. 

7. sweetgreen

Anyone who has lived around DC knows of the delicious salads at sweetgreen. Not as well known is that the casual-style restaurant was started by three students months after graduating from Georgetown. Now they have over 70 locations across the country providing sustainable and affordable meals.

Not only will sweetgreen pay homage to their DC roots by providing healthy dishes at the All Things Go Fall Classic, they also host their own music festival each spring with past headliners including Lana Del Rey. The refreshing salad options will have you saying "Thank God" along with rapper Jay IDK.

. The Good Silver

While I can’t guarantee you won’t be eating with plastic utensils, I can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the comforting dishes from The Good Silver. Opened in Spring 2017 by the same team behind Ivy and Coney, another local vender at the festival, this new restaurant has already made a name for itself.

Their classic dishes like skillet mac and cheese and french toast are the perfect accompany to musicians you’ve been listening to for years, like Foster the People. The comforting meals will bring back old memories and leave you saying "I Miss Those Days" in tune with Bleachers on stage. 

Whether you’re a fan of the All Things Go lineup or you’re just going for the eats, head to the Nation's Capital the first weekend of October for a weekend of electro-pop, EDM, and alternative rock where the food lineup is just as good as the music lineup.