The DMV is one of the most diverse areas in the United States. After living in DC for 18 years and then moving to rural Pennsylvania, my ethnic palette was a bit disappointed. All of these places are my absolute favorites for when I'm feeling adventurous on the food front. Keep reading to find out where the BEST international eats can be found.

If you're craving Vietnamese: Pho Sate

The Vietnamese population in the DC area is huge. There are pho restaurants all over the area. Pho Sate, in Falls Church, is thought to be the most authentic a best pho restaurant in the area. Their egg rolls are amazing and their pho is the most curing bowl of goodness you can put in your body, trust me.

If you're craving Thai: Lucky Thai

Yum yum yum. Lucky Thai, also in Falls Church, is a new restaurant that is so great. Their duck roll appetizer is amazing and will make you so excited for the next course. Pad Thai is my favorite but their curries are also delicious. 

If you're craving Greek: Zaytinya

Zaytinya is in NW and is mostly small plates. Their Kolokitokeftedes (aka zucchini fritters) are so yummy.  Another favorite is their octopus, mmm so good.

If you're craving Japanese: Sushi Capitol

I jump straight sushi when I think of Japanese food. Capitol Sushi right on Capitol Hill is AMAZING. Get the chef's choice sashimi and you will be so happy. Their rolls are also unbelievable. This place is very small with only a few tables and is truly some of the best sushi you'll ever had. Word on the street is that this is the best sushi place in the district!

If you're craving Indian: Rasika

You've probably heard of Rasika if you live in the DC area. It is SOSOSO yummy. Obama has even eaten there. Palak Chaat is what their famous for and BOY IS IT GOOD. Enjoy :)

If you're craving Chinese: Peking Gourmet Inn OR Peter Chang's:

Oh my. Chinese food is good for the soul. At the Peking Gourmet Inn, I suggest the Peking Duck as it is WONDERFUL and the house specialty. HINT HINT: If you carry out, put the duck skin in the oven to crisp it up and you won't regret it.

At Peter Chang's, my favorites are the crispy pork belly, the scallion bubble pancake, the pork dumplings, grandma's noodles and the golden mountain chicken. Both restaurants are great options if you're in need of some Chinese takeout or dine-in.

If you're craving Lebanese: Lebanese Taverna

Lebanese Taverna has multiple locations around the DMV. My favorite location is their marketplace in Arlington, VA. All of their side salads are so refreshing and their fatayers—which are basically pockets of dough filled with either feta spinach or meat—are more like pockets of love. Their garlic sauce could honestly make cardboard taste amazing.

If you're craving Mexican: Rosa Mexicano OR El Paso Cafe

Rosa Mexicano's guacamole is amazing and you should 100% go get some. El Paso Cafe, while maybe more Texan than Mexican, is so good. Their fajitas for two with grilled chicken, steak and shrimp are mouth watering. But you'll probably eat your weight in chips and salsa before you even get your food.

If you're craving Persian: Moby Dick

I LOVE PERSIAN FOOD. Two of my favorites dishes at this wonderful chain are their Dolmeh (stuffed grape leaves) and the Kubideh Kabob (ground beef rolled into long meatballs). Moby Dick has so many locations and is sure to fill your Persian cravings.

If you're craving Tapas: Jaleo

Another Jose Andres restaurant, like Zatinya, Jaleo is oh-so-good. Their papas bravas and croquetas are unbelievably delicious. I can confidently say that anything you order here will be enjoyable.

If you're craving Korean: BonChon Chicken OR Chi Mc

Both of these places are homes to the best fried chicken you'll ever have.  Korean fried chicken is TRIPLE. FRIED. That's all you need to know.

If you're craving Italian: The Italian Store

If you live in the DC area and haven't been to Arlington's Italian Store, you need to go right now. Between their freshly made subs to their pizza, you can never go home disappointed. My favorites are the Milano Sub and the Pizza Suprema. Drop everything and get your booty to the Italian store!!!

If you're craving Peruvian: Crisp & Juicy

Love love love this place for its great food at a LOW price. I'm not the biggest fan of chicken but boy does their Peruvian chicken challenge that opinion YUUM.  Also, their chorizo sandwich is hot and greasy and a great cure for a hangover.  Their special sauce, whose only known ingredient is rocoto peppers, is HOT and SPICY and is good on literally anything. Leftover Peruvian chicken also makes for some great leftovers.