Confession: I may have a bit of an obsession with tacos. I have a light-up taco sign in my dorm, and the vast majority of my food Instas involve tacos. I developed my love for tacos at Dos Santos, a tiny, hole-in-the-wall taco shop in Denver, and I never thought I would find something that fulfilled me quite like the OMFG tuna taco. I moved to Washington, DC for college with high hopes but an uneasy feeling that I would not find the one (taco) that fulfilled me in DC. 

I thought wrong. The DC food scene, and in particular the taco scene, is poppin' and has completely exceeded my expectations. To help you on your quest for the perfect taco trio, here is my list of the best tacos in DC. 

1. Chaia

Sydney te Wildt

Looking for a veggie taco that will satisfy your taste buds without expanding your waistline? Chaia has a wide variety of spicy tacos that even a carnivore would love. 

2. District Taco

District Taco is your basic b of taco shops. Their simple, but delicious tacos can be customized with signature salsas and a wide range of proteins. With nine locations in the DMV area, you're always close enough to get your taco fix. 

3. El Centro, D.F. 

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Sydney te Wildt

Looking for tacos and a show? Go to El Centro, D.F. on 14th Street or in Georgetown, and you can get your guac (yes, I know it's extra) made at your table. Their streetside tacos are nom-worthy, and the experience (and bottomless brunches) make the meal. 

4. TaKorean

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Takorean may not provide an authentic Mexican experience, but the unique flavor makes this fusion taco shop a must-try for any foodie. Starting with a corn tortilla, Takorean Tacos are primed with various slaws and specially seasoned proteins that make me question my allegiance to Mexican-style tacos. 

5. Oyamel

José Andrés is the best known chef in the District, so any DC food list would not be complete without one of his restaurants. Oyamel grinds their own corn tortillas daily, and that fresh quality can be tasted in the tacos. Look no further if you are hoping for Michelin Star quality at a reasonable price. 

6. Surfside

Surfside provides the classic taco stand experience without sacrificing the quality. I would highly recommend Surfside for drool-worthy tacos and a picture perfect license plate background (for the Insta, of course). 

I hope this list provides a little solace when your group chat just can't decide where to go for your next Taco Tuesday. This weekly holiday is too important to ask...