This past Sunday, Whole Foods in Davis closed down, ending one of our city's finest food eras yet. To commemorate the four years of service the store has provided for our community, here are the top 8 things Davis will miss about Whole Foods.

1. An Organic Version of Everything

Vicky Nguyen

Really, everything. If you didn't like whole fat milk, there were at least five other non-fat, organic versions to choose from. If you wanted a guilt-free guacamole dip, you could bet there were plenty of organic options available. Don't even get me started on the organic chocolate selection--Whole Foods had nearly an entire aisle dedicated to that. 

2. Dried Food Items You Never Even Knew Existed

candy, cookie, gingerbread, chocolate
Hannah Linn

Dried flour, fruits, and nuts, oh my. Whole Foods reminded you that there was more to life than plain white flour. And even if you didn't normally buy your raw ingredients here, you were still intrigued by how you could package a tin of fresh peanut butter with the simple push of a lever. Genius.

3. Not-So-Typical Fresh-Baked Desserts

sweet, chocolate, cookie, bread
Liyi Straly

We get it--other grocery stores carry desserts too. But Whole Foods took the bakery concept to a whole other level. The dessert bar was always so enticing with its colorful macarons and freshly-whipped parfaits. You even had your pick between crème brûlé and fruit cake...and usually got both. 

4. Desserts That Were Justifiably Healthy 

matcha, cream, chocolate, buttercream
Liyi Straly

Take, for instance, this matcha vegan cupcake, which was made with dairy substitutes such as almond milk. Whole Foods proved to us time and time again that you could, in fact, enjoy your favorite treats while still being health conscious. 

5. Flowers Straight From Pinterest

Liyi Straly

When all your non-Davis friends spent hours on end gawking at flower pictures on Pinterest, all you had to do was hop in your car, drive to Whole Foods, and get yourself a real bouquet to look at. Thanks Whole Foods.

6. A Spacious Study Area 

On days where the library was packed and the downtown cafes were somehow filled by 8 am, Whole Foods came in clutch. Its extended study area provided you with just the right vibe to get through your ten-page paper. You never had to worry about getting hungry, either...hello, grocery store? 

7. Rental Picnic Mats

Lily Allen

If you got jealous when you saw families picnic-ing in front of Whole Foods, you weren't alone. Luckily for you, there was the option of renting out a mat from the store and having your own sun-splashed moment. The best part: it was free of charge. Minus the food, of course.

8. A Davis-Only Student Discount

cereal, dairy product, milk
Emma Delaney

Here's proof that being an Aggie really did pay off.  With the 15% storewide discount, you were able to justify any late night purchase you made--yep, even the overpriced tubs of ice cream you brought back to your freshman dorm.  

So as you go about your day, remember to take a brief moment of silence for your beloved Whole Foods store, because really, you have a whole lot to thank it for.