New Paltz is known to be a very unique town in the Hudson Valley area of New York. “Peace and love” is the motto, with tie-dye-drenched Dead-Heads as far as the eye can see. New Paltz also has some pretty awesome food, too. Here are some of the most, uh, out-of-the-box dishes you can find in this small college town!

1. Pig Head Tacos at Mexican Kitchen

New Paltz

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mias

The first time I heard of this, it really threw me off.  Pork is great and all, but pig head, really? Well, it’s actually not bad at all, and it’s now one of my favorite dishes at Mexican Kitchen.  If you’re feeling adventurous, they also have a beef tongue taco (the Lengua Taco) and a pig head stew to try (or if you’re out of town, try these taco recipes).

2. Escargot at End Cut

New Paltz

Photo courtesy of Gregory O.

For those of you who don’t know, escargot is cooked snails.  It’s a pretty popular dish in France, but I had yet to see it anywhere I’ve ever eaten, until now (I usually only eat at places that serve chicken tenders because I’m still a child).  I decided to opt-out of eating it because I’m a wimp, but this dish has some great reviews!

3. Sülz (Head Cheese) at Mountain Brauhaus

New Paltz

Photo courtesy of Tom Schierlitz

Cheese doesn’t sound too out of the blue, right? Except, when it’s not actually cheese. Head cheese is a German “meat jelly” made out of the head of a pig. It’s served as an appetizer at the Brauhaus, which is right out of the town of New Paltz.  If you’re a true meat lover, you’ll probably really enjoy this.

4. Duck Liver Raviolini at A Tavola Trattoria

New Paltz

Photo courtesy of Nathan Ganio

A Tavola is one of the classiest places to eat in New Paltz, so it’s no wonder that they would have a few exotic dishes on their menu. Although, I’m not a fan of duck nor liver of any kind, this was delicious. I am definitely coming back again for more!

5. Sword Fish Chili at Gadaleto’s Seafood Market & Restaurant

New Paltz

Photo courtesy of Maricar T.

This chili is pretty self-explanatory. Gadaleto’s is known for their amazingly, fresh seafood dishes, and this is one of the many to prove they’re no stranger to cooking good seafood. This chili, subbing land-animal meat with swordfish, has a milder flavor than regular chili.  If you’re into seafood, this is a good meal for you.

6. Salmon Hash at Main Street Bistro

New Paltz

Photo courtesy of Doug Thompson

This is probably the breakfast meal that’s served to the Gods, and is a favorite of New Paltz dwellers.  With poached eggs, tomatoes, and home-fries, how can anybody say they hate this? DO YOURSELF A FLAVOR (haha, get it?) AND EAT THIS, ASAP!

7. French Toast Cupcake with Maple Buttercream and Bacon at Moxie Cup

New Paltz

Photo courtesy of Katarina Chiriani

This adorable little cupcake shop, right by SUNY New Paltz, is nothing short of unique, including their flavors.  One of the most popular cupcake flavors is their french toast cupcake, topped with a maple buttercream frosting and bacon bits.  If that didn’t just make you drool, you have no soul.

Have any other recommendations of unique dishes you’ve seen in New Paltz or the Hudson Valley area? Let us know!