The only drink that counts as a meal - the Caesar. A magical invention that contains actual clam juice –try not to think about it– and can be garnished with anything from a bean to a triple patty burger.

If you're curious just where to get some good Caesars in Victoria, we have rounded up 7 places you can get Caesars that are guaranteed to quench your thirst and curb your craving.

Felicita's Campus Pub

ice, water
Marissa Duncan

There's nothing better than not having to step off campus to get a drink, no less a Caesar. Fels is the place to be whether you're celebrating skipping class, or actually having gone to class. Garnished with a lemon, lime, and a pickled bean, this Caesar is pretty typical. Which means its frickin' good.

The Commons

beer, ice, vodka, juice, cocktail
Tulsa Williams

Don't let this drink mislead you. Yes, we know you're looking at the size of that pickle. The taste makes up for it, and it's even better if you pair it with their live music on Wednesdays.


tea, matcha, chocolate
Marissa Duncan

Now Earls knows how to cut a pickle. The Caesar also comes with a strip of jerky, but I got a little carried away. And although the salt rim is a little less extravagant than both Felicita's and The Commons, the drink itself was just as enjoyable.

The Local

Tulsa Williams

The Local is the perfect place for spice lovers and the portion is also massive (but is this really a bad thing?). Served Victoria style in a mason jar and topped with pepperoni, lime, and pickled asparagus, I'd say The Local knows what's good.

Garrick's Head Pub

bacon, chili
Marissa Duncan

Although a little smaller than The Local's Caesar, the Caesar at Garrick's Head Pub will still leave you full and satisfied. This Caesar comes topped with a pickled bean, an olive (I quickly realized this isn't for me), and the trademark lime.

Cactus Club Cafe

vegetable, cocktail
Tulsa Williams

One could say the portion of this Caesar is perfect. Cactus serves their Caesar's in a smaller glass which leaves you with enough room in your stomach for a real meal as well. Let's also have a moment of silence for the garnish. An olive, Peruvian pepper, pickled onion, and bocconcini.

Rebar Modern Food

Marissa Duncan

Let's end this journey on a different note. For those Caesar fans looking for a twist in their favourite drink Rebar has got just the Caesar for you. Their Diablo Caesar is made with beets and parsley and could almost convince you that you're not straying from your health kick.