The reason happy hour deals exist is because it's three o'clock, I have $20 in my wallet, and let's be honest, I want a beer. They're a guilt free way to down two Bellini's and a pint of beer at three in the afternoon and not leave you completely broke.  

If you're the kind of person who's too scared to branch out from the comfort of your regular happy hour paradise, then take my hand. I've done the research on some of the best happy hour deals offered in Victoria so you don't have to. With this master list of restaurants and bars, you won't have to worry about wasting your time.

First things first, let me hook you up with the what I would say are the best two deals I found.

Pluto's Diner  

Pluto's diner is a dream come true. With Sleeves for $3.00 and Highballs starting at $3.00 for 1 ounce and $5.00 for 2 ounces, it's basically stealing! If you thought it couldn't get any better, it does. They have theme nights every day of the week posted below:

Monday - All you can eat Tacos

Tuesday - Breakfast for dinner

Wednesday - Burger night

Thursday - All you can eat wings & chips

Friday & Saturday - N.Y. Steak dinner

Sunday - All you can eat spaghetti


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Marissa Duncan

If you are someone who loves to start fights about how pierogi is spelled, then maybe skip over this part. Besides having actually affordable meals, Sult also has a killer happy hour deal from 3-6pm every day. You can add a Pabst Blue Ribbon to the 3 pierogi poutine ($6 on its own) to make it an $8 meal. Add a pint and the meal comes to $10. That's money going to a good cause. It doesn't hurt that a glass of Hoyne beer is $3.00 and a pint is $6.00.

Frankie's Modern Diner

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Marissa Duncan

Let's start with their all day happy hour on Saturday and Sunday. They offer $5.00 Mimosas, Red Sangria, and $4.00 Caesars. Enough said.

North 48

Besides their appies being on special, they tie with Pluto's for the cheapest highballs at $3.00. If you're on a tight schedule, their happy hour might not be for you. It's from 4-5:30pm every Tuesday to Saturday. That leaves a relatively short amount of time for you to grab one of their Tiki drinks for $6.00, or a Pint for $5.00.


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Marissa Duncan

If you're looking for a little more happy hour time, Earls is the place. Their happy hour runs every day from 3-6pm, and 9-close. Select appies are discounted and highballs start at $4.00. If you're a beer person, snag a Rhino Sleeve for $3.50. Also, their warm spinach and three cheese dip is to die for.

Sticky Wicket

Not far from Earls is the good old Sticky Wicket. A Canadian Sleeve or Highball is a precise $3.99 during happy hour every day which starts at 3pm and goes until 6pm. For those classy folks, down a house wine for $4.50.

Bard and Banker

You can find another 3pm to 6pm happy hour deal at the Bard and Banker. Double cocktails start at $6.00 (um is that stealing?), and you can get a 20oz Feature Pint for $5.75 (definitely stealing). I know where I'll be this Friday.

Bin 4

You were waiting for the classic Bin 4, weren't you. I had to put this gem on the list with its 50% off burger menu after 9pm. This deal only works with the purchase of a drink, but you were going to get one anyway weren't you?

Cactus Club

Ah yes, another classic and familiar place. If that photo doesn't make you want to get out of bed, put pants on, and go to Cactus, then make a doctors appointment because something is seriously wrong. The Bellini is the top of the hierarchy when it comes to happy hour drinks at Cactus Club. Don't even look at the menu, you know you're getting one. You can down these sugar bombs for $5.00 from 3-6pm and 9-close Sunday through Friday.

Felicita's Campus Pub

How could I possibly leave out the good ol' campus pub? For those days when you need to celebrate actually going to class, Felicita's has Blue Buck on special for $4.00. When you need to celebrate making it to class one out of 5 days that week, they have Highballs for $3.75 (1oz) or $7.00 (2oz). Clear your schedule from 3-6pm Monday to Friday to catch their happy hour deal. On Saturdays it starts at 4pm giving you time to recover from the previous nights celebration.


Now that I've hopped back on the cheap Highball train, it's time I mention Moxie's. Their Absolute double (2oz) Highballs start at $6.00 after 9pm. Yikes.

Now it's up to you!

Now that you've been given the (somewhat) master list of all the finest happy hours in Victoria, all I ask is that you use it wisely. If you're really in the spirit, try planning a happy hour pub crawl. Not feeling like battling the hangover? Settle for a good meal and a beer at a restaurant. It's in your hands now. See you out there.