At a big school like Penn State there are endless study locations both across campus and downtown. Since this is my first year living off campus I have had the chance to explore more of the study space options. With that being said, I have discovered that some of the best places to study can actually be found downtown.

Not only do the coffee shops and cafes of State College offer a chill space with great vibes, they are also filled with good food and quality coffee. This means that you do not have to leave whenever you are hungry or thirsty. Talk about increasing your productivity!

Here are the 7 Best Coffee Shops for Studying at Penn State:

1. Starbucks

You simply cannot make a list for the best coffee shops for studying without including Starbucks. Starbucks is personally one of my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee, but more importantly it is one of my favorite places to study. With three locations both on and off campus, you will be sure to find a table to get some work done. Do not forget to grab some coffee before you sit though, they tend to have the best seasonal options too!

2. Irving's

Irving's is known as a bagel shop that has been serving the Penn State community for years. Irving's also serves various lunch options, baked goods, and most importantly, coffee. This means from the second they open till when they close, you will find yourself full, happy, and focused at Irving's. Check out the basement of Irving's for even more cozy study seating. 

3. Cafe Verve

I would suggest trying out Cafe Verve for your grind session if you are vegan or vegetarian. Of course, everyone is welcome at Cafe Verve, but they do specialize in meatless options. They serve various smoothie bowls, grain bowls, sandwiches and more that will be sure to keep you satisfied as you study.

4. Rothrock Coffee

Rothrock Coffee has gained quite a following lately and it is not only for their quality coffee, but also for their food choices. Avocado toast, bagels, and baked goods include just a fraction of what Rothrock Coffee has to offer. Although they are located a little ways from campus, I assure you that it is worth the trip.

5. Saint's Cafe

Saint's Cafe is exactly what a coffee shop should feel like. With its cute atmosphere, large selection of coffee and teas, and fresh baked goods. You really cannot find anything more classic.  Plus, Saint's Cafe offers a selection gluten free options.

6. Sower's Harvest Cafe

In simple terms, Sower's Harvest Cafe is a coffee shop with really good food. They have a great breakfast menu that is guaranteed to jump start your brain to study. Sower's is so good that many go there just for a quick bite. Although you can definitely find many students staying and study for as long as needed.

7. Webster's Bookstore Cafe

Webster's Bookstore Cafe is a quirky bookstore with a cafe-like study space tucked inside. At Webster's you have the chance to sit and study amongst hundreds of books with delicious treats and coffee surrounding you. They even use hand decorated coffee mugs, tea cups, and plates to serve their food and drinks with. Make sure to check out their daily specials and various inspiration quotes lining the walls. 

My personal favorite place to study is Rothrock Coffee. But, no matter where you choose to study, the most important thing is that you are leaving time for your school work and for yourself.  And remember, don't ever study on an empty stomach!