When you're cramming for that midterm tomorrow or rushing to finish an assignment due in a few hours, there sometimes isn't enough time to go to the dining hall or LaFun. Other times you may simply want to change things up a little. Whatever the reason, there comes a point in time when we get food delivery to our dorms.

After a couple nights of pizza, you may be looking to switch it up. Contrary to what you may think, South Bend offers a variety of delivery options. I have ordered a lot of food through GrubHub and DineIn in my first year here. So, here are my favorite delivery places around the city!

1. Salsa’s Mexican Grill

No, Salsa’s not only for cheap margs on Wednesday. For those who haven't been, Salsa’s has fantastic table side guacamole. But, the restaurant actually offers a variety of options. From fajitas to tacos, this restaurant certainly does not forget about quality. I am always satisfied ordering from here as the food is always hot, and comes with free chips, salsa, and a secret sauce. 

Try their fajitas which comes with tortilla wraps and other sides to make the entrée even better. I personally ordered the beef and chicken fajitas 3 days in a row! Once you order it, there's a good chance you'll be back the next day, so beware! 

2. Costco

Everyone knows how amazing Costco food is. Famous for their cheap, yet tasty, pizza, chicken bake, hot dogs, and churros, you can basically call the wholesale store a restaurant. Though you may not believe it, these options can be delivered straight to your dorm! With a delivery fee of $5.99, it's definitely worth getting together with couple of friends to enjoy this luxurious treat.

#SpoonTip: You can add muffins, chicken alfredo pasta or Caesar salad to the order. So, the delivery fee may be worth while after all!

3. Toyo Grill

Coming from Los Angeles and being Korean, I miss Korean food when I’m at Notre Dame. From all the Asian restaurants I’ve been to or delivered from, Toyo Grill takes the crown. This restaurant offers Japanese, Chinese, and Korean food. Although their food does not fully fulfill my craving of home, it certainly puts my mind off of it for a bit.

#SpoonTip: If your schedule permits, their lunch special options are much cheaper than their dinner menu while offering similar amount of food. So make sure to take advantage of the deal!

4. BarBici

Barbici is probably one of the most popular go-to places for delivery among ND students. Only charging $1 for delivery, this restaurant offers customizable salad and pasta. Lets not forget about the flat bread drenched in salad dressing or pasta sauce. And, there are no additional charges for toppings, so if you are feeling hungry definitely stock up!

Many people do not know about their side menu, arancinis and toasted ravioli. If you're still feeling hungry after your main dish, I highly recommend completing the meal with the ravioli. 

Delivery time tends to be pretty short, so if you want a healthy option when starving, order online or via phone for Barbici!

#SpoonTip: When asked to write an address for delivery, put 112 Holy Cross Drive Notre Dame, IN and specify the building/dorm you are in in the special instructions section. Trust me, they’ll find you!

5. Bruno’s Pizza

Gourmet pizza enthusiasts have probably been wondering why I haven’t mentioned Bruno’s yet. Although there are the usual pizza delivery places like Domino’s or Papa John's, Bruno’s pizza quality knocks them out of the park! I have yet to find a pizza place that makes its Za as cheesy and flavorful as this.

#SpoonTip: They even offer Chicago-style pizza, so if you are feeling a little brave and adventurous, give it a try!

6. Mango Café

Last, but certainly not least, I cannot forget about Mango Cafe. Located next to Irish Row, this restaurant offers Venezuelan food options. I had never had Venezuelan food before eating here, but (trust me) it is truly amazing! Aside from their phenomenal fried eggplant entrée with marinated steak, their appetizer platter is a foodie’s heaven. The platter consists of Venezuelan cheese sticks, potato bites, and yucca. They also offer three types of sauce with the appetizers, so make sure you try them all to find your favorite.

The only problem is that they only offer delivery on certain days. They don't deliver on busy days, like Friday or Saturday afternoons. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that they will deliver to your place, but if they do definitely don't miss out!