We all need to eat to stay alive, no exceptions here. However, only a handful of us admit the fact that we are foodies. Truth be told, we all love food.

You may be a believer in gorging down copious quantities, or you might have a knack for cooking and then eating what you cooked, some of you like to try something new each time you go out, or might be the miser who still enjoys a good meal.

Read on, and find out which category you belong to.

1. The Photographer Foodie


Photo by Analiese Trimber

Better known as The Instgrammer foodie.

Either you are this person, or you know one who is. They do not mind if their stomach is somersaulting, they will not be deterred unless they have the best shot and upload it on Instagram and Snapchat instantly. Because, well, why eat something amazing without letting the whole world know.

They’ll have some tips for you too.

2. The Home-Delivery Foodie


Photo by Libby Perold

As much as they love food, they are too lazy and too much of an indoors person to go and fetch themselves something delicious. Instead, they have all the home delivery food joints on their speed dial, and in the comfort of their blanket, they enjoy huge bites binge-watching sitcoms and movies.

3.The Hunger-Devil-Strikes-Me-At-Midnight Foodie


Photo by Tarunima

They are always hungry. It gets highlighted when they become restless at midnight, when the hunger pangs just cannot be fought. And then they get up from their couch, and thank the heavens for the ultimate savior: Maggi.

These people are probably the reason why the term couch potato was coined.

4. The D-I-Y Foodie


Photo by Paavani Jain

The only rival to their love for eating, is their love for cooking. They have all cookbooks lined up. All spices classified and labeled. Their kitchen counter is a battleground for new dishes and fusions, because they are always experimenting with the food they cook.

In short, the company of food gives them warmth, and the kitchen is their favourite spot in the house.

5. The Adventurous Foodie


Photo by Ashley Marzouca

They believe that the edge of their comfort zone is where the magic happens. Hence, every time they visit a café, restaurant or bistro, their order is different from everyone else, and different from anything they have ever ordered there.

And their appetite for risk is only rivaled by their appetite for food.

6. The Snobbish Foodie


Photo by Annabel Epstein

They are unabashedly meticulous with what they want to eat. They do not like a particular condiment; they want the ingredients only in specified ratio and proportion. They are like the food critic that every restaurant trembles at the name of.

7. The Gastronomical Foodie


Photo by Alex Weiner

These people are an asset to the foodie community. They try every flavor, every culinary style and every variation. Variety is the spice of life for them. And owing to them, the names of long-forgotten staple foods still resonate in their social circles.

8. The Forever Broke Foodie


Photo by Alex Wright

We have come a full circle with this one.

Everyone loves food and needs food. It does not matter if you are rich or broke. Here’s the foodie who can digest copious quantities of street food too, if it comes to that.

However, they follow all food-centric accounts on Twitter and Instagram, and always keep themselves updated with reviews and recipes. They are the repository of all food-related information.

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