As I was going looking at some Insta-famous foods, I noticed that a lot of them were actually a seemingly weird combination of two foods that actually go really well together. Living in NYC, I have access to many of these foods, and decided to find the ones I thought were the best. Here is my list of the top six food hybrids I found around New York City. 

Red Farm's Pastrami Egg Roll

cheese, bacon
Jenny Seidman

Red farm has a unique menu, including pac man dumplings, and shrimp-stuffed jalapeño poppers. What I love about this restaurant is that it takes "typical" Chinese food, and combines those recipes with recipes of other cultures, just like in this egg roll. 

Ramen Burger's Ramen Burger

beef, ramen, cheese, sandwich
Jenny Seidman

This phenomenon has been taking over everyone's Instagram feeds for almost a year, and for good reason. Ramen Burger's secret sauce, on top of the unique texture the ramen provides as a substitute for a bun, is amazing. 

The Stanton Social's French Onion Soup Dumplings 

Jenny Seidman

I was a little confused when I saw pictures of this dish at first, but basically, these dumplings are in a bowl that have little holes in them for each soup dumpling. While this food hybrid is probably the most difficult out of all of them to eat, it is definitely worth it.

The cheese melted combined with the burst of flavor when you bite into the dumpling creates a great dish. Even though these dumplings were intended to share family style, you will probably want them all for yourself.  

The Ainsworth's Mac and Cheese Burger

cheese, hamburger, bacon, sandwich, cheddar, beef
Jenny Seidman

Before you ask if this is one of those foods that only looks good in pictures and doesn't actually taste good—it's not. Not only is there mac and cheese on top of this burger, but under the burger there is a patty of fried mac and cheese. Yes, you heard me right. 

If you're a cheese enthusiast like myself, this burger is pretty much heaven, and I would recommend adding it to the top of your list of splurge meals. 

The Doughnut Project's Bacon Maple Bar

Creating the classic combination of sweet and salty (and the salty being bacon), you already know that this is going to be a hit. The Doughnut Project creates many daring flavors, such as a beet and ricotta doughnut, a bone marrow chocolate doughnut, and many more.

Cafeteria's Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls 

Jenny Seidman

Apparently mac and cheese pairs pretty well with lots of foods. Cafeteria has an array of delicious mac and cheeses, and this one doesn't disappoint.

The crunchy wrapper of the spring roll and the creamy mac and cheese in the same bite creates a perfect contrast. The cheese sauce it comes with adds a new layer of flavor because of the different types of cheeses. 

All of the restaurants I've mentioned are so great with so many fantastic foods, and when you take two great foods and combine them to make a whole new food, how could it not be amazing?