Of course gambling in Las Vegas is a must, and it will probably consume most of your trip (and your bank account). But you can't forget about the food and drinks that still need to be experienced. I went to Las Vegas for seven days and visited the strip, Fremont Street, and a countless number of good (and bad) restaurants. If you're looking for a good time, Fremont Street is definitely the place. You can dance to live music and drink your night away. Cliché, but true.

If you've never had In-N-Out that has to be on the top of your list, but so many places are calling your name, too. For those of you who live in the south like me, even some of the most common restaurants like Jack in the Box or In-N-Out are must-try places since we don't have those where we live. 

Here are six of the must-try places I recommend in Las Vegas that will keep your taste buds begging for more. 


cheese, chips
Samantha Bourne

Of course I have to start with the delicious In-N-Out where you're welcomed with a long line. But don't be fooled, you won't be waiting for more than 10 minutes for your food. Burgers, fries, and shakes are your only choices, but trust me they are good choices. 

The best choice is without a doubt the animal-style burger. Thousand Island spread and extra pickles never tasted so good. 

Also, don't forget to channel your inner fashionista and check out the merchandise store on your way out.

#SpoonTip: Check out their "not so secret" menu. 

Carlo's Bake Shop

cake, chocolate
Samantha Bourne

If you've ever watched the Food Network, you have to recognize this name, and I was so excited when I came across this little bakery in the Venetian hotel. Carlo's Bake Shop serves up some delicious sweet treats, like this raspberry tart and black and white cookie. Simple sweets never tasted so good.

If you're not looking for a cookie, the chocolate-covered strawberries are simply divine. Nothing in Carlo's Bakery is anything short of delicious. Carlo's is located inside the Venetian, so grab a treat and take a ride on a gondola throughout the hotel with your sweetheart. 

Green Crush

Samantha Bourne

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to walk around the mall with an alcoholic beverage? Well, take a stroll over to the five-story Fashion Show Mall and grab a fruity alcoholic drink from Green Crush. You can choose between drinks with or without alcohol made with fruit-infused juices, like this berry pomegranate. Every fruity sip made blowing through my black jack winnings a lot easier.

Jack in the Box

bacon, cheese, bread
Samantha Bourne

Since I didn't have enough greasy food on my seven-day Las Vegas trip, I had to try Jack in the Box. These are ranch, chicken, and bacon tacos that are so crunchy, complete with a side of cinnamon sweet churros. Sure, it looks like your local Taco Bell, but it's cheaper, greasier, and actually more enjoyable. It's no five-star restaurant, but it's definitely a place to experience if you've never tried it before. 

Margarita Bar

Samantha Bourne

At the Margarita Bar, you can indulge in delicious frozen drinks, like the strawberry daiquiri pictured above. What's not to love about the bad ass skull cup you get to keep? Once again, you can walk around Las Vegas with a drink in your hand. You and your daiquiri get to stroll around the strip from casino to casino. This sounds like a good idea until you spend an hour and a countless number of quarters on a Britney Spears slot machine. Hit me, baby, one more time. 

El Dorado Cantina Restaurant and Bar

burrito, rice, beef
Samantha Bourne

Guys, this one is for you. This Mexican restaurant is open 24 hours and is attached to a strip club. I'll say that again for those of you in the back, it is literally attached to a strip club. This may not sound too classy, but hey, this steak burrito was awesome and the margaritas are bomb.

If you're a southerner scrambling around Las Vegas, I hope these six places will satisfy any craving you have, whether it be greasy food or a large strawberry daiquiri.