If you haven't been to Food.Bar.Food before, you might not know that not only do they boast a plethora of amazing food options, but that their brunch (and specifically their cocktails) are out of this world. They offer 7 (yes SEVEN) different Bloody Mary's and if that doesn't already have you planning this weekend's outing, then read on. Food.Bar.Food prides itself on its globally diverse menu items, unique flavors, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, and partnership with the local community.

They recently revamped their brunch menu and we were graciously allowed to sample some of their most popular cocktails, which we have rated below. The service is good, the food is great, but the drinks are better.

The Sake Screwdriver

alcohol, ice, cocktail, juice
Shannon Daly

Our talented bartender Will started us off with the classic screwdriver with a little twist. Made with Junmai sake, pineapple juice and orange juice, this screwdriver was incredibly refreshing and a perfect choice for hair of the dog. 

Strawberry Pimm's

vodka, mint, liquor, lemon, tea, alcohol, ice, juice, cocktail
Shannon Daly

Don't let the garnish fool you, this drink was as sweet as can be. The foam at the top threw us off, but after tasting it, I found it comparable to Lipton iced tea. This drink is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth thanks to the Pimm's NO. 1 but also has a slight bite from the fresh sours and strawberry nectar. 

Chai White Russian

mocha, tea, milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Shannon Daly

This was my first experience with chai (I know) and I've got to say, I absolutely loved it. This was by far the strongest drink out of the bunch thanks to the vodka and coffee liqueur, but after the initial punch from the alcohol, it tasted like I was drinking french toast. I'm not quite sure how it could get better than that. 

Cafe de Olla

mocha, milk, cappuccino, tea, espresso, coffee
Shannon Daly

This was a definite crowd favorite and not only because it was so pretty. The Cafe de Olla is one of the most popular cocktails at Food.Bar.Food and after tasting it, I can understand why. It is described as a "cinnamon spiced and sweetened Mexican iced coffee" complete with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream. This cocktail offers a perfect matchup between your boozing needs and your caffeine needs. 

New York Mary

Shannon Daly

This was hands down the best Bloody Mary I've ever had. It gets its name from the seasoning on the rim which was created to mimic that of an everything bagel. Could it get any better than that? The horseradish infused vodka and capers gave it a spicy kick that had us sucking it down faster than you could say "I love New York!". 

Indian Bellini

ice, beer
Shannon Daly

Last but certainly not least, we were given this beautifully intriguing drink. The Indian Bellini is made by placing a frozen stick of mango nectar into a bubbling glass of sparkling wine. Trust me, it tastes as cool as it looks. All of their sparkling drinks are served like this which makes drinking mimosas that much more fun. 

And because it would be foolish to waste our time only drinking and not eating, we sampled a few new menu items including their biscuit and sausage gravy, this incredible savory french and the fried crab cakes over soft baked eggs. Are you drooling yet? 

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Shannon Daly
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Shannon Daly

Food.Bar.Food is the perfect place for any occasion and they offer a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options as well, so literally everyone can eat there. Check out their website for more or follow them on Facebook and Instagram