So you just turned 21, and you want to impress your friends by ordering a fancy cocktail, rather than . But which cocktail to choose? Do you want sweet, strong, tropical, or dry? How could you possibly know which one is right for you?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Let your zodiac sign guide you to the perfect cocktail.

Aries: Hurricane

alcohol, ice, juice, sweet, cocktail
Abigail Wilkins

As a natural traveler, an Aries needs a drink that keeps up with their adventurous spirit. Sure, you could go with a daiquiri or a piña colada, but Aries calls for something more unique than that. You need to try something new. Hurricanes are rum cocktails and drinking one immediately feels like a tropical vacation.

Taurus: Mojito

herb, juice, mint
Julia Murphy

As an earth sign, Taurus likes to feel connected to nature. Mojitos are made with fresh ingredients, like lime and mint. They’re also cool and refreshing drinks, which fit right in with Taurus’s cool exterior. 

Gemini: Screwdriver

Made from vodka and orange juice, a Screwdriver is one part strong and one part sweet. Gemini is called the Twins for a reason. You are notorious for having two sides. You love variety and adventure and need a drink that can provide a little spice.

Cancer: Grapefruit Mimosas

milk, ice, juice, yogurt, cocktail, milkshake, cream, smoothie
Collette Block

There’s something romantic about this drink. Maybe it’s the idea of waking up late next to your partner before finally making it out of bed to get brunch. This cocktail is the kind you want to get on Valentine’s Day morning, which is perfect for Cancer. This sign is all about emotion and romance. To make this drink at home, check out this simple recipe.

Leo: Double-Layered Shots

A Leo is a natural-born leader and trendsetter. You’re also a bit of a partier, but you would never be drinking something typical, something everyone else is already drinking. Find out how to make a double-layered shot here to impress all your friends.

Virgo: Cosmopolitan

A Cosmopolitan is classy, but it’s still sweet, which is a lot like Virgo. You’re pretty practical and sensible, but you go deeper than that. You believe in love and friendship, even when you’ve been hurt before. There’s a sweetness to you that never really fades.

Libra: Long Island Iced Tea

sweet, cocktail, tea, lemon, iced tea, juice, lemonade, ice
Claire Waggoner

You’re a pretty social person. You like to just go out with your friends, not necessarily to party, but just to talk and catch up. You look forward to the company. A Long Island Iced Tea is a perfect drink to get at those dinners.

Scorpio: Martini

You’re intense, passionate, and driven. Scorpio is known to be the most powerful of the zodiac signs. You need a strong drink to keep up with you. This vodka martini is 3/2 oz vodka and 3/4 oz dry vermouth. It’s strong, it’s intense, and it’s just like you.

Sagittarius: Tequila Sunrise

Free-spirited and optimistic, a Sagittarius has a natural love for life. You don’t want to be tied down. You want adventure and freedom. A tequila sunrise invokes that feeling. If tequila isn’t your thing, try this vodka sunrise shot instead.

Capricorn: Manhattan

You believe in reliability and ambition. You exude class so you need a drink that means class. A Manhattan is right up your alley. Friends, coworkers, and employers alike will be impressed when they hear you ordering one.

Aquarius: Spicy Shots

vodka, soda, ice, whisky, wine, beer, liquor, alcohol
Delaney Strunk

As one of the trends of the year, an Aquarius would love to give a spicy shot a chance, like this Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot. An Aquarius is unique and mysterious. You are the zodiac’s trendsetter.

Pisces: Sex on the Beach

Pisces has two sides. One is soft and focuses on healing. The other side is alluring and sensual. Sex on a Beach captures these two sides. It’s considered sensual, but it’s not a particularly strong cocktail.

No matter whether mercury is in retrograde, you can still get fucked up on these drinks.