Duke lost... Nova lost... To say the least March Madness isn't disappointing with its upsets. What's one to do when their bracket is falling apart and April 3 will no longer be the day you win? Here are a few ideas.

1. Go to Shake Shack

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Marina Nazario

Shake Shack is offering Burger Study Buddy Monday every Monday until June 19. Basically, if you show up with a friend and both show your student ID you get a buy one, get one free burger. So, when you realize your team is not playing on Monday, April 3, just head to Shake Shack, possibly the best burger joint in the country. 

2.   Red Sox Opening Day

Turn on your TV or head to Fenway for Opening Day, April 3rd. The Sox are playing the Pirates at 2:05pm, and hopefully they'll get a win that will put you in a good mood and let you forget how awful your bracket really was. This way, you'll even be able to enjoy watching the championship later that night, even knowing there's no way you'll get that $20 back that you bet. If you plan on going to Fenway, consider checking out these restaurants that are quick and delicious. 

3. Go to SoulCycle

Photo courtesy of SoulCycle

Sweat it out! Yeah, it's never the best news to realize your bracket is in last place, but there's nothing like good endorphins to make you feel better. SoulCycle is most definitely worth the money and time, and a great workout will make you feel a little less guilty about those snacks you'll be eating during the championship game.

4.   Retail Therapy

There's nothing like some good ole retail therapy to make you feel better. And, with spring around the corner (fingers crossed it actually will start to warm up soon), why not get a head start on looking for some cute rompers or sundresses? 

5. Go to bed early

Honestly, if you have no interest in even watching the game, why not try to get those 8 hours? Instead of stuffing yourself on wings, pizza, or beer, opt for milk and peanut butter (proven to help you sleep better), and enjoy a quiet night.