The Loop has become a forgotten gem since the opening of West Union (The Broadhead Center?). The food in West Union is great and we should definitely be thankful for its existence. After all, it's the reason we were ranked the number 1 college dining in America, in case you forgot. But sometimes, the limited hours and the seemingly endless options can be somewhat limiting. The Loop offers things that WU can't always deliver, so here are 5 reasons why The Loop is the most underrated eatery on Duke's campus

1. The Loop is Open Until Midnight

This is crucial as WU closes at 8.  If you're going to be up studying for hours, dinner before 8 o'clock will inevitably lead to an unhealthy midnight snack. However if you do eat at WU, The Loop can also satisfy those late-night cravings, making midnight pizza and milkshakes a possibility (on food points).

2. You Can Order Online  

If you're in a rush and don't have time to wait for your food, you can order it here, and it will be ready for pickup by the time you get there. For those nights where you are drowning in work and forget to eat dinner, The Loop will be there for you. Once you take a step back from work and realize you're starving and need to eat, you can order it and by the time you walk there it will be ready for you to pick up.

3. They Will Even Deliver (for only $2.50)

Not only can you get midnight french fries, but they can be brought to you anywhere on West Campus! If you're trapped in Perkins and need a pick-me-up, or are in Edens and can't make yourself get off the couch, someone will bring you whatever you desire. Delivery is only from 8-11:59pm, just in time for WU closin

4. Alcohol on Food Points 

That's all. (If you're of age, of course)

5. Their Food is Actually Just Really Good

The Loop is delicious and flexible. The pizza is their specialty with many pre-designed options and the ability to design your own. Their salads are all a good blend of favors and their grilled chicken is real, juicy, tender and easy to add to any salad. Their soups are perfect to pair with a salad, or are a just an easy option to help you warm up on a sad, rainy day. Their burgers (and turkey burgers) are always cooked well and a wide variety of toppings are available.

From the hard times that can only be cured by mozzarella sticks or sweet potato fries, to the hot days that calls for cups of fresh fruit or a parfait, The Loop has wide variety of snacks. Their milkshakes are creamy make-it-your-own beauties and they have slices of cake that never fail to cure a late night sweet tooth. The Loop has everything.

To reiterate, The Loop is profoundly underrated by everyone, and anyone who likes any kind of food should stop by. While West Union is an amazing establishment that Duke has created for us, you're not cheating on them by sometimes choosing the The Loop. It's fast, it's easy, and it's delicious.