It's  been open for less than two months, but Duke's shiny new West Union has already become the food center of campus. While you've probably tasted many of the new vendors' offerings, the number of options are still daunting. Need help deciding where to eat for your next meal? Check out this guide to West Union for a run down of all of your choices.

Il Forno

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Jennifer Schnadig

Your go-to for all things Italian, Il Forno represents a major improvement upon Penn’s lonely pasta station. If you have the time, wait in line for custom-made pasta or a personalized Neapolitan-style pizza. The sandwiches, while limited in selection, and the salad bar are quicker grab-and-go meals.

What you can buy for $8-$10: A regular pasta costs $7.50 (sans protein) or $8.50 with.


This is the spot to stop for your daily dose of veggies. The kale salad from sprout and Moroccan chickpea entrée are both solid choices. If you’re going for the highest calorie-to-food-point ratio, however, this is not the best pick, as the servers can be inconsistent and the food is on the lower calorie side.

What you can buy for $8-$10: An entrée and one side costs $8, while an entrée with two sides costs $10.


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Farmstead offers locally-sourced food ranging from shrimp and grits to minestrone soup and chicken cacciatore. Owned by the same people who run Twinnie's and Blue Express, Farmstead focuses on healthy eating, and includes a full salad bar.

What you can buy for $8-$10: An entrée and one side costs $8, while an entrée and two sides costs $10.

#Spoontip: You can mix and match between Sprout and Farmstead, but get your food from Sprout first. Since Sprout is strictly vegetarian, the servers cannot take a plate with meat from Farmstead to the Sprout station.


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Everyone’s favorite Penn station has expanded to occupy a corner of West Union. With many more vegetable options as well as several made-to-order dishes, the variety at Tandoor is refreshing.

What you can buy for $8-10: A vegetarian entrée with two sides costs $7 for lunch and $8 for dinner, while a non-vegetarian entrée plus two sides is $8 for lunch and $9 for dinner.


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Tired of waiting in line for crepes at Parlez-Vous food truck when they visit campus? Now you can get crepes, gelato, coffee, sandwiches and more at Café. They also sell the same baked goods (read: pumpkin bread) as Saladelia Café in Vondy, plus some extra goodies like chocolate cake and tiramisu.

What you can buy for $8-$10: A Nutella crepe with a scoop of gelato costs $8.

JB's Roasts & Chops

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If you're craving a steak and don't want to make your way all the way to the Washington Duke Inn, head over to JB's. In addition to steaks and fish grilled to order, JB's also has paella, sandwiches and salads to enjoy.

What you can buy for $8-$10: A 6-oz. of flank steak with two sides - like broccoli and a twice baked potato - costs $10.

Skillet Southern Cookery

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Owned by the same people that run Pitchfork Provisions, Skillet offers classic southern fare like fried chicken and pulled pork, plus tasty sides like collard greens and macaroni and cheese. They also have desserts, such as apple bread pudding, and daily po' boy specials.

What you can buy for $8-10: Half of a fried chicken or a pulled pork platter with two sides costs $9.

Ginger + Soy

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The options at Ginger + Soy are overwhelming: Ramen, poké bowls, stir fry, Teriyaki chicken, and dumplings. Check out the customizable dishes: Ramen, poké and stir fry, but be careful about asking for extras of your favorite toppings – odds are they’ll tack on a few dollars when you check out.

What you can buy for $8-10: A poké bowl costs $9.95, while ramen and make-your-own stir fry each cost $8.95.


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Thanks to Gyotaku, you no longer have to wait for Sushi Love delivery to get your sushi fix. In addition to sushi rolls and sashimi, Gyotaku also serves up bento boxes and sashimi bowls. You can also make your own sushi roll!

What you can buy for $8-$10: A Duke roll, which has shrimp tempura and cream cheese topped with spicy tuna, cilantro and Sriracha, costs $8.49.

Devil's Krafthouse

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Though Devil's Krafthouse opened last year, it is now fully incorporated into the West Union. It's menu remains pretty much the same, but the ordering system has improved - you no longer have to sign the check and they now use buzzers instead of order numbers.

What you can buy for $8-$10: The new K-House Burrito, which includes either grilled chicken, beef, or vegetables, costs $9.25. You can fill the burrito with any of the following: brown rice, black beans, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, chipotle salsa, and sour cream.

Au Bon Pain

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ABP is still ABP, but its new location offers an expanded seating area with lots of natural lighting. It's now located on the bottom floor of the West Union, and remains the go-to breakfast eatery for many students.

What you can buy for $8-$10: A black Angus steak and cheese sandwich costs $7.29, as does a made-to-order salad.

The Chef's Kitchen

The pop-up restaurant is sleek and surprising – you’ll have to wander through to find out exactly what will be there any given day. Recently, a Mexican station has been up and running during lunch.

What you can get for $8-10: Grab a burrito, and keep an eye out for cooking demonstrations (read: free food).

The Commons

White tablecloths, gorgeous views and a food points splurge – this is the new WA Duke. Stop in for brunch on the weekends.

What you can get for $8-10: The entrée chopped salad costs $8.

Next time you head to West Union, now you'll know where to go. Take our advice so you're not too worried about your food point balance