Alright, it’s about time we give Detroit the recognition it so rightfully deserves. So it went through an awkward stage, you’re telling me you didn’t? It is clear that D-town is making a comeback, and the creators of “Detroit Hustles Harder” surely know that, too. Their goal is to bring light and attention to the emerging artists of this city, full of people who have “hustled” to get to where they are today.

Many of those artists are culinary geniuses who have been hustling to show the world their magical abilities in the kitchen. This city is about to explode with more enticing cuisine and aesthetically pleasing hot spots than you could ever imagine. It's time you stopped thinking of Detroit as the city that fell through, and join the movement. Hustle till you’re hungry and be a part of the change. Here are some of the city's most epic eateries, proving this place really is the comeback kid. 

1. Mudgie's Deli

Speaking from firsthand experience, this quaint little sandwich shop and wine bar will leave your stomach full and your heart happy. Located in the center of Corktown, it's the ideal location to bring your out of town relatives and prove to them that Detroit has a foodie game of it's own.

Owner and head chef, Greg Mudge, has pledged to make all his meals from scratch and prides himself on the fresh quality of each item on his menu. While Mudgie's is most famous for its basics, specifically their corned beef, it has also been known to get creative in the kitchen and throw together a bunch of random ingredients for a special, spunky sandwich.

2. Astro Coffee

Also located in the vibrant area known as Corktown, this coffee shop has been an iconic image in the renewal of Detroit over the past few years. Opened in 2011, it has been a hipster hot spot, with its high ceilings and brick walls. It's a great place to hang out with friends or skim through an old Monocle Magazine, while sipping your freshly roasted coffee.  

With beans imported directly from Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco and George Howell Coffee in Acton, Massachusetts, you are more than likely to bless your mouth with a roast that will surely start your morning positively.

#SpoonTip: When in new cities avoid going to the local Starbucks. Under the radar coffee shops are the perfect way to see the locals in action and immerse yourself in the culture of the city. 

3. Selden Standard

The chef, Andy Hollday, believes that good food is only part of the equation of making a restaurant a memorable experience. Famous for its small and shareable plates, this restaurant constantly changes its menu, making each visit to the Selden Standard a new experience. 

4. Gold Cash Gold 

Open for brunch and dinner, this is the perfect place to get together with your old college besties. Located in a vintage former pawn shop (hence the name "Gold Cash Gold"), this eatery dishes up regional cuisine and speciality cocktails that won't soon be forgotten. With menu items like house-made pickles and chicken and waffles, this restaurant is an ideal spot to nurse even the nastiest of hangovers. 

5. The Eastern Market

In 2017, farm-to-table and fresh food is what is #trending on my table. I live for a great farmers market where I can try all kinds of different foods and trust it to be the freshest I could get. Luckily, the Eastern Market of Detroit is exactly this.

It's been around since the 1800s and continues to provide Detroit natives with the best of the best. With different types of markets on different days, you can put your trust in this open-air market to make you a happier and healthier individual. Known to be a true Detroit experience, you can't leave this city without spending a Saturday morning here with 40,000 other local (or foreign) hungry foodies. 

Whether you've hustled or you're simply just hungry, Detroit can offer you an unforgettable food experience. Give the city a chance and be one of the people to say "I did it first." Join the movement and experience D-town the right way, starting with these great places to grab a bite.