The city of Detroit has been through... a lot. What was once the home of a booming auto industry, Motown, and Eminem has now floated far away from the public eye. All too recently, the motor city has been shrouded in the midst of bankruptcy after bankruptcy, corrupt mayors, and the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Nevertheless, Detroit has bounced back and has given us (at least) 10 reasons why we should all visit this forgotten gem.

1. Eastern Market

The Eastern Market is a market district in the heart of Detroit with over 150 years of history. Every Saturday, the market opens to sell fresh and local produce year-round. In addition to grocery shopping, there are tasting stations, unique community markets, and great opportunities to volunteer your time.

**SpoonTip: For any foodie looking to do some serious recipe testing, Eastern Market is your go-to for quality products.

2. The Coneys

There truly is a cult for the coney dog. When in Detroit, it would be unethical not to try this chili dog nestled in a steamed bun, covered in freshly chopped onions and just the right amount of mustard. Sound simple? It is. And it's great. Just head over to a Coney Island (Greek-American diners) and ask for one. It will revolutionize the way you eat hot dogs.

3. The Oddest Ice Cream Flavor on Earth

Time Magazine has put together a list of Fifteen Funkiest Ice Cream Flavors on Earth, and they undoubtedly included Detroit sweets shop Treat Dreams on the list. They serve a special concoction called "Michigan Salad" which includes flavors of dried cherries, pecans, and... blue cheese. Shout out to all the new flavors this week as we wait for Michigan Salad season to return. Would this count as eating healthy?

4. Urban Farming

We all know how much urban farms can impact their communities, but Detroit is taking it to the next level. Organizations like Keep Growing Detroit and The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative are combining strengths of the entire community, from restaurants to residents, and even the government is getting involved. Many new restaurants are sourcing directly from these gardens, creating a truly local business network. Detroit is one of the first cities to develop an "agrihood" redevelopment program, proving it's no longer a food desert. Good job Detroit, keep it coming.

5. The Alcohol

Detroit, plagued by the Prohibition Era, has slowly started creeping back into the alcohol-making business, and with good reason. The city is in the perfect location to open a distillery due to the abundance of local ingredients and vacant buildings. Places like Two James Spirits are proud to create their own bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and more. Detroit City Distillery and Our/Detroit have followed suit. When in Detroit, bar hopping, wine tasting, and game watching are quintessential elements in soaking up what this city has to offer. And it's all #michiganmade.

6. Hipster Heaven

Although Ann Arbor is very well known for its hipster-like atmosphere, Detroit is becoming a close second. Whether its scouring the artsy Midtown area, or sipping coffee at some of the most eclectic coffee shops around, Detroit is a city full of art, life, and appreciation. In town? Take a look at Grey Ghost, Cass Cafe, or Astro Coffee for a unique taste of what the D has to offer.

7. Detroit Style Pizza

I'm sure you've had Chicago style pizza, New York style pizza, but what about Detroit style pizza? This Michigan favorite comprises of a square deep dish pizza with various toppings- so it's the best of both worlds. 

8. Authentic Ethnic Eats

There are countless ethnicities, backgrounds, and identities that make up the Detroit area - and they're all flooding the food scene. You can feasibly eat a real French breakfast in Corktown, Spanish for lunch in Midtown, and Lebanese for Dinner in Dearborn. There are countless guides for eating your way through town, but for the indecisive traveler, you can't go wrong with Greektown.

9. Not-for-profit Restaurants

Meet Chef Phil Jones, the mastermind behind Detroit's first non-profit restaurant, COLORS. The goal of this restaurant is to provide opportunities to unemployed members of the community. The company also offers some of the best benefits in the industry, including sick days, payment above minimum wage, and a real opportunity for growth. How does such a good restaurant support itself without profit? Well, you'll just have to go there to find out. As if it couldn't get any better, it's pretty sustainable, too.

10. There's So Much to Do

When you're not eating, drinking, or shopping for fresh produce, Detroit still has so much to offer at any time of year. In fact, Travel + Leisure even featured the city in it's "Best Places to Travel in 2016". Catch the Woodward Dream Cruise in August or the Auto Show in January. Not a fan of cars? Take a nice walk down the riverfront (you can even see Canada), visit the beautiful Belle Isle Conservancy, or try your luck at the Greektown Casino. There's always something to do in the motor city.

Nothing brings more pride to a Detroit native than witnessing the city blossom and flourish. There are certainly countless restaurants deserving of the spotlight; Sweetwater Tavern, Slow's BBQ, and Green Dot Stables, just to name a few. Needless to say, Detroit isn't what it used to be, not even in the slightest. But that's why the city's jump into the foodie spotlight is not only surprising but inspiring, and "about time" for all who call Detroit home.