With finals quickly approaching, study spaces on campus are becoming scarce. If one of 43,650 other students stole your perfect study spot, or if you need a pick me up, check out one of Ann Arbor's coffee shops. Although there are coffee shops on every street corner in Ann Arbor, not all coffee shops are created equal. That's why I put together a guide to the best coffee shops for studying in Ann Arbor.

7. Espresso Royale

coffee, gastronomy
Sydney Eisenberg

An Ann Arbor classic, Espresso Royale serves top-notch coffee. There is plenty of room to sit, but every seat seriously lacks peace and quiet. The loud music, chatty students, and constantly whirring espresso machine are a losing combination. 

Address: 322 S. State Street

Coffee: 10/10

Studying: 2/10

6. Lab Cafe

coffee, tea
Sydney Eisenberg

Lab Cafe is compact, but cozy. It's not too loud, but the space is very tight. Also, if you're looking to 'gram your cappuccino this is the place to do it.

Address: 505 E. Liberty Street 

Coffee: 10/10

Studying: 5/10 

5. Starbucks

beer, wine, coffee
Sydney Eisenberg

I had low expectations, but Starbucks pulled through. Although it can get crowded, there are still plenty of tables, chairs, and (most importantly) outlets. With all of the people milling about, it does get loud, but for the most part, it's a nice study spot. Also, red cups and holiday drinks? Yes, please. 

Address: 222 S. State Street 

Coffee: 7/10 

Studying: 6/10 

4. Espresso Bar

A bookstore and a coffee shop rolled into one, Espresso Bar is the epitome of trendy study spots. Their patrons include students and book enthusiasts alike, so it's a bit hard to find space, but they also serve Zingerman's pastries, so could you really ask for anything more? 

Address: 204 S. Fourth Avenue

Coffee: 6/10 

Studying: 7/10 

3. Comet Coffee

tea, coffee, beer, cake
Sydney Eisenberg

Tucked into the Nickels Arcade, Comet Coffee is Ann Arbor's best kept secret. The music is more fun and upbeat than traditional coffee shop music, and it's perfect if studying is getting you down. You might have to fight for a seat here, but it's still worth it.

Comet Coffee is conveniently located just steps away from central campus. They offer a variety of flavors of coffee, which is something you won't find anywhere else. You'll feel very ~hip~ after spending the afternoon studying here.

Address: 16 Nickels Arcade

Coffee: 10/10 

Studying: 8/10

2. Sweetwaters

wine, beer
Sydney Eisenberg

Sweetwaters has it all. It has plenty of tables and outlets available, along with flavorful coffee to keep you going all day long. The music is the perfect background playlist for studying. It never gets too loud, and you'll be motivated by all of the other students hard at work around you.

Address: 604 E. Liberty Street

Coffee: 9/10 

Studying: 10/10 

1. Roos Roast

beer, wine, tea, alcohol
Sydney Eisenberg

Roos Roast is the #majorkey of coffee shop studying. It's got the best local coffee, spacious tables, and comfy chairs. The bright yellow walls, colorful mugs, and fun music are so much better than the dreary and boring library. Although it isn't the quietest coffee shop on this list, it is just perfect for studying. 

Address: 117 E. Liberty Street 

Coffee: 10/10 

Studying: 10/10

Next time your study spot gets stolen (how rude), just breathe, get some coffee, and get to work. Studying won't be so bad when you've got a spot at a great coffee shop.