We're all guilty of the occasional run to Chipotle or Moe's when we're seeking a quick fix for our Mexicraving. If you're trying to grab something on-the-go, don't let hanger get the best of you. Wilmington has plenty of options for great local Mexican style eats that are sure to satisfy your need for comida deliciosa. 

1. Flamin Amy's Burrito Barn

You can't drive far without spotting a "FAB" or "Eat At Flaming Amy's" bumper sticker in Wilmington. From the laid-back atmosphere to the simple yet satisfying food, it's clear why this small chain of locally owned restaurants is such a hit. My favorite FAB meal is the Create-Your-Own burrito. Their extensive menu of creative burrito combos is sure to please, though I often hear that the Shrimp Po Boy is where it's at. And did I mention their ever changing off-the-wall salsa flavors such as pineapple jalapeño and avocado wasabi?  Be sure to stop by on Taco Tuesday when hard shell tacos are $1 and any person with a tattoo gets 10% off of their order. 

2. C-Street Mexican Grill

I cannot emphasize enough how underrated this little hidden gem is. Although somewhat off the beaten path, C- Street has a loyal customer base largely due to the high school located right across the street. When the final bells ring for the day, my favorite little burrito shop gets overtaken by high school kids looking for an after school snack.

The things that make C- Street so special are things that you look for in any casual dive: convenience, great food, and unbeatable prices. I feel a little bit like Guy Fieri saying that, but C-Street delivers. Do yourself a favor and grab a spicy chicken burrito, you can thank me later. Student specials are available and they include one 10-inch burrito with chips and a drink for $6. I'd like to see you beat that, Chipotle. 

3. Taqueria Los Portales

If you've ever been to Los Portales, you know that it's the place to go for the most authentic local Mexican food Wilmy has to offer. Don't let the curb appeal (or lack thereof) intimidate you. Los Portales offers fresh ingredients and kickass flavor for seriously low prices. Also be sure to keep an eye peeled for the beef stomach, beef cheek, beef tongue, beef intestines and pork skin available on the menu if that's your thing. 

4. Islands Fresh Mex Grill

Aaaaannnd on the opposite end of the authenticity spectrum comes the magical land that is Islands. Although you're sure not to find beef cheek on the menu, Islands keeps it fresh with lots of ways to customize your tacos and employees that are always genuinely relaxed and friendly. The best part about Islands, though, is that after 5:00pm all tacos are $1 each with a purchase of a drink. You can only get 4 tacos when you take advantage of this deal, but nobody says you can't get two drinks and buy 8 tacos. If you're buying 8 tacos for yourself, however, you might want to consider doing some soul-searching. Check out the Islands sauce for a little extra somethin' somethin'.

5. Tower 7 Baja Mexican Grill

There's a lot to love about Tower 7. First of all, it's on Wrightsville Beach. You can easily grab an order of tacos to-go and only have to walk a couple hundred feet until you're in the sand. The House Margaritas are VERY tequila heavy, but the Prickly Pear Margarita is a local favorite that is sure to delight. Not only that, but aren't the meals so photogenic? Tower 7 is a definite hit for both tourists and townies alike. 

These fan-favorites are only a few of the local Mexican style restaurants where Wilmy folks get their grub on. Whether it be a quick bite on the way to your destination, or a take-out meal to bring home while you watch Netflix, don't settle for less when your Mexicraving strikes. Skip the Chipotle in favor of something new, and you might just never go back.