Florida state seems to be torn between more than just presidential candidates. FSU’s student body also seems to be in constant debate between whether the queso at Moe’s is good, whether or not Moe’s employee greeting is annoying or entertaining and whether the line at chipotle is even worth it.


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The epic battle between Moe’s and Chipotle is one that has been going on for longer than the past decade. There are a lot of pros and cons to both of these fine establishments.


Here are some of the things students at FSU had to say when asked which chain restaurant they preferred:

“Chipotle, because Moe’s sounds like the bar out of the Simpsons, not a place I want to eat Mexican food.”

-Santiago Guarin

“I’d prefer to get chipot-laid.”

-Stefanie Villiots

“I don’t like either… is that considered social suicide?”

-Stephanie Obregon


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“I love Chipotle. Chipotle is my life. The end.”

-Laura Zamora

“Chipotle! Although now that I think of it, I’ve never actually eaten Moe’s… so does that still count?”

-Emily Dunkin

“Moe’s, because the queso is fire, the line is never long and the chips are free.”

-JP Serrano


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“Chipotle, even though they always seem to have a long line, the food is always consistently good. I think it’s a good value for the amount of the food you get. Plus, the chance of you running into someone you know is higher at Chipotle than at Moe’s. Moe’s just doesn’t really stand out to me. Chipotle does.”

-Sean Engle

“Chipotle, no doubt. Something about Moe’s queso throws me off.”

-Kyler Hevia


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“Chipotle because I prefer the taste and it has certain toppings that Moe’s doesn’t.”

-William Serrano

“I like Moe’s queso, but overall I think Chipotle is better. And their spices on the chicken? Mmmmmm.”

-Peter Lynch

“Chipotle for the Burritos and Moe’s for the quesadillas… But if I had to choose between the two Chipotle wins.”

-Nick Boguszewski


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“Oh god, I’m so torn in this debate. I seriously love both so much, but when it comes down to it, eating Chipotle makes me feel like I’m eating healthy, and Moe’s doesn’t because QUESO.”

-Shannon Hickie

“Moe’s, because the line doesn’t go out the door! It’s also not as ‘facey’ so I can show up looking like a hobo and not have to worry about the Greek-Central that is Chipotle. I also love how the employees greet you at the door. I mean whose day isn’t somewhat made when they’re recognized for simply entering a room?”

-Ashley Soto


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“If I had to choose between Moe’s and Chipotle I’d go with Moe’s and I’ve never even been there. Chipotle is so annoying, especially the people that eat there. Most of the time when I walk into Chipotle I’m like “F*ck that, these burritos aren’t that good.”

– Jesse Garcia

“Moe’s, because Chipotle doesn’t have that queso sauce that tastes like it came from the rivers of heaven.”

-Gerain Arias

“Chipotle this, Chipotle that. Without a doubt, Moe’s all the way. I always root for the underdog.”

-Rachel Epstein



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“Moe’s! Their food just tastes better, plus I don’t have to wait in a line for thirty minutes. They also have to greet me very obnoxiously. It’s great.”

-Kylie Exline

“Chipotle’s ingredients are obviously better quality, but I always pick Moe’s because I love the queso and the chips are included!”

-Ashley Tressel


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“Moe’s. More ugly people go there, so I feel better about myself.”

-Jason Labrador

“Definitely Chipotle. And yes, I know the guac is extra. But let’s be real, the chips are way better and the employees don’t scream at you every time you walk in the door.”

-Miranda Teta


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“I prefer Moe’s by a lot, and for a few reasons. First, it’s apparent that once you enter they have completely different ambiances. I love the ‘Welcome to Moe’s!’ when you enter. Moe’s is way more fun, and it’s a typical college girl-free zone. It’s way cheaper, too. The steak is better at Chipotle, but the fact that they have queso blows Chipotle out of the water. And a salsa bar! Oh, and f*ck guacamole. I feel strongly about this.”

-Stephen Gianelli

“CHIPOTLE. Hands down. Great quality portion sizes if you flirt the right amount.”

-Alyssa Wilson


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“Chipotle makes me feel good about myself by telling me it’s cage-free meat. In more elaborate words, they have a smarter marketing strategy which emphasizes their attention to healthy, humane and sustainable practices that appeal to a higher and more educated customer base.”

-Santiago Guarin